Are you on the right track?

 Are you on the right track?

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A wise friend and I were sitting in my car having a discussion the other day. We were just talking and as we started down a particular ‘track’ we got more and more excited about the analogy being revealed to us. Here it is…

We were talking about allowing the UNIQUE gift and calling that has been placed within each of us, to be fully utilised.

When you’re in the ‘groove’ of your call then you know that you’re in the right place, doing the right thing and on schedule. It’s like being a train on the tracks. You need to be on the train line that will take you to YOUR correct destination – not someone else’s! When you’ve settled onto the right track you can use all of your energy towards fulfilling and completing the journey towards that destination.

There will be times of smooth sailing when you can let it all out and accelerate to full throttle – life seems easy and requires little effort to stay on track. There will also be times when the path goes uphill and more effort will need to be exerted with seemingly little progress. Then there will be times when it’s best to amble along and enjoy the scenery, cherishing the view. And there will be times when you need to stop because you’ve run out of fuel.

There will be times on your journey where you pick up some passengers along the way. Those passengers need to travel with you for a while so that they can experience life with you. They may need a helping hand while they’re too weak to go it alone or they may need to travel with you to remind you of your sense of purpose. People will continually get on and off your train – it’s the nature of the ride.

All we are called to do is to listen to the One who planned our route…and then get with the programme! Constantly listen for His guidance, His direction and His instruction and you will not only find your track, but reach your destination too; living an amazing life along the way.

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