Be You!


Tree 150x100 Be You!One of the things that has most profoundly helped me in my life, is when I heard it said that we can learn a lot from the stages of growth in Nature.

This picture reminded me of the uniqueness of each individual on Earth.

You see, some trees are meant to lose their leaves in winter and some aren’t. Some will shed all of their leaves as soon as they feel a chill in the air, while others will hold onto them as long as possible before letting go. Some leaves will turn gold while others turn auburn and some will make a soft carpet while others will crackle.

Each tree’s leaves have their own particular instruction for dealing with the harsh cold of winter and similarly, we each have instructions for our own lives too.

We each have a unique path to walk which may, in places, look similar to other people’s paths. We go through similar seasons in our lives, encounter people who have had experiences which echo our own, but ultimately, we each live a uniquely hand crafted life.

So, don’t compare yourself with anyone else and say, “I wish I … like so and so” or ” If only I had … like they do” – it’s a game without a winner.

Realise that your life is special, unique and beautifully your own. Embrace it and be fully alive for every moment of the ride!

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