Being considerate pays big!

DSC02400 150x100 Being considerate pays big!

DSC02407 e1291478841389 100x150 Being considerate pays big!I took our dogs out for their daily walk in the park the other day and I noticed something really cool.

Firstly, let me fill you in on a little background info. We have a white and tan Terrier named ‘Rascal’. Well, if we’d known then what power words have, I think we would have called him ‘Obedience’ or something like it. He has a personality all of his own and actually looks at me with a GRIN on his face when I call him and runs in the OPPOSITE direction. Oh Boy!

Honey is a black and tan something or other and is one of the most loving and obedient dogs I’ve ever had. She is the one who waits for me at the bottom of the stairs with a beautiful smile on her face, sooo pleased to see me every morning.

Chalk and cheese, right?

So, Honey usually runs alongside me as we walk, veering off every now and then to sniff something interesting but generally sticking pretty close. Rascal on the other hand, has to try and show every other dog who is boss and so he either goes off on all sorts of adventures or lags way behind.

This day I was busy doing something and I stayed stationery for a few minutes and I noticed something that had never happened before. Both Honey and Rascal stopped what they were doing and came back to me to see if I was OK and it felt really good that they’d come to check on me for a change.

When we make the effort to be considerate of others it has the potential to be a real blessing. Having someone put our needs ahead of theirs and taking the time to do something we love makes us feel special and loved.

I encourage you to take a little time every day to see how you can bless someone by doing something that shows them how special they are to you.

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