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What’s the Score?

Musical score

Score 150x112 Whats the Score?When you’re a Composer of music, you’re faced with a blank sheet on which to create a masterpiece. The lines have been drawn and there’s an anticipation and expectation of notes being written down in such a way as to create music that will be listened to in awe.

Similarly, you have a blank sheet of paper on which to write the ‘music’ of your life. Everything you dream of, everything you hope for and everything you desire is just waiting to be written down and created.

Look at your sheet of paper and write down what the score of ‘music’ is, that will be the song of your life.

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Celebrate your victories!


Graduate 100x150 Celebrate your victories!Graduation is the celebration that marks the end of a set number of years of intense study and application.

It’s a tradition where all the students stop and congratulate each other on achieving a goal they had in their sights when they started to study.

It’s an acknowledgement of hard work, perseverance and achievement!

Remember to stop and celebrate the victories you achieve along the way, in your own life. It’s a vital step in keeping your growing, going!

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Go for it!


1194217 s 150x100 Go for it!Today my daughter takes a very important test which will help determine her future pathway in life.

She understands how important the test is and has put in the necessary time and study in order to achieve what she wants achieved. She’s going in with the attitude that she will do her very best and will deal with whatever the consequences are once she’s finished. If she passes the test then she’ll go on to the next step in the process. If she doesn’t pass the test, then she’ll review what happened, adjust what needs to be done, and try again. And she will not quit until she has achieved her goal.

She’s taken the time to enjoy every step of the journey, learning amazing facts and lessons along the way and when she reaches what she’s aimed for, she’ll be able to look back on the whole process with a sense of deep gratitude and pride.

I encourage you to have a clear, exciting, motivating and fulfilling plan for your life and GO FOR IT!

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Dream, dream, dream…


715756 s 150x96 Dream, dream, dream...Do you remember the old Everly Brothers song?

I need you so that I could die

I love you so and that is why

Whenever I want you, all I have to do is

Drea-ea-ea-ea-eam, dream, dream, dream

I’ve been concentrating on my dreams quite a bit lately. I close my eyes and see what I want in full detail. The car I want is an Audi A3. I have the full spec and know everything about the car that I need to know in order to dream about it.

I see what she looks like, I smell her ‘new car’ smell, I feel the acceleration when I pull off and I hear the music from her state of the art sound system. I imagine my reaction when I hold the keys and she’s mine. I see myself driving along singing at the top of my voice to the music I love. I imagine my friends and people I give a lift to, getting into the passenger seat with a big smile on their face because they’re blessed with a ride. I see myself talking to people on my iPhone that is connected straight into the tech system of the car as I’m on the way to a business appointment etc etc etc (I think you get the picture)

I want to encourage you to dream – really dream. See your dreams with all of your senses and your full imagination. Impress them on your mind with emotion and passion and a huge sense of gratitude and joy! Not only will this lift your spirits but it will also be a constant motivator to help you to accomplish your dreams.

Go for it…dream, dream, dream!

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Come on a journey with me

Moss on tree

5315735 s 150x97 Come on a journey with meMay all the ‘worms’ of 2010 be transformed into butterflies in 2011!

You have tremendous potential inside you, let it fly in 2011 by joining me for ‘One on One Coaching’ that will see your life transformed.

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Open up the windows

Windows 126x150 Open up the windowsAs we draw near to the end of 2010 and look forward to 2011, I want to encourage you to open up the windows of possibility. We often reflect over the past year when we’re entering a new one and can sometimes get bogged down in the bad memories rather than looking forward to the new possibilities.

Look at 2011 with new eyes. Allow yourself to dream big dreams and to imagine yourself living the type of life you’ve always dreamed of. See the people you want to help, the places you want to go and the relationships you want to have. See the house you want to live in, the car you want to drive and the clothes you want to wear.

Let your imagination run wild!

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Celebrate Life

05122010088 150x112 Celebrate LifeToday we watched as a young family dedicated their little girl to God.

It felt really good to be able to say that we’ll do all we can to help them on this journey of marriage, parenting and trying to live the best life they can. We’re all on this journey of doing the best we can so that we can pass on a legacy to our children and theirs and theirs…

What you do in your everyday life, matters. Celebrate your life and what it means to not only you, but to those you will touch during your stay on Earth.

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Walking the same path but in our own way

S5002529 150x112 Walking the same path but in our own wayThe picture says it all.

We’re all going on the same journey called ‘life’, but we each do it in our own unique way.

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Wonderful YOU!

1015107 s 300x2001 Wonderful YOU!I’m sitting here drafting a teaching outline and I am so struck by the fact that each of us is so uniquely special.

You have been specifically created. You are unique in the world – there is no-one else like you. Think about it. Of the 6 odd billion people on the planet, there is NOBODY that has your fingerprints. Each fingerprint, on each of your fingers, is totally and utterly different to anyone else’s. So, the fingerprint on your baby finger of your right hand looks totally different to 60 billion other fingerprints on the planet! Oh my word!

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Set the Bar!

2037936 s 142x150 Set the Bar!One day a wife was cooking rolled beef for Sunday lunch. Her husband was with her in the kitchen and watched her meticulously cut off a piece of the roll at the one end before cooking it. He was curious and asked her why she cut a piece off the end. She replied that she had always seen her Mother do it and so she did too. Now they were both intrigued so they rang her Mum and asked her why she had always cut the end off a roll of beef and she said that she’d always seen her mother do it and so she did too. Now they were all intrigued and so the husband phoned his wife’s grandmother and asked her why she had always cut the end off a roll of beef before cooking it. She said that she used to go to a very generous butcher and as she had a particular dish that she liked to cook the beef in and she’d usually have to trim the end off the roll in order to fit it into the dish!

Two generations after her, the family was still doing something out of ‘tradition’ without questioning the reason why it was done that way.

Don’t let the ‘the way it’s always been done’ make you live less than is best for you.

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Get into your Groove

Cogs 150x150 Get into your Groove

We have all been specially created to do certain things in our lifetime. Achieve certain things, love certain people and affect certain change. We’ve been given special gifts, talents, desires, personalities, heartbeats and temperaments which make us uniquely suited to specific things. We are most alive when engaged in those things for which we were created.

Our aim should be to walk in alignment with that purpose for which we were made because it’s when we’re in our groove, that we live the best version of our life.

Click here to see and use the full article.

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