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What do your laughter lines say about you?


The laughter lines on your face have a story to tell. What do yours say about you?

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Elbow Grease…


Mop 150x100 Elbow Grease...When I saw this picture I was reminded of my Mom, who unfailingly let us know that a little elbow grease never hurt anybody! No matter how much we tried to convince her otherwise.

I remember throwing tantrums and sulking with all my might to try and get out of whatever task she’d set us – all to no avail. It didn’t perturb her, or change her mind, one bit!

In hindsight I’m so pleased that she didn’t. I’ve grown up with a tremendous work ethic which means that I am able to take responsibility for the work I do, with pride!

If you’re facing a daunting or challenging task that’s threatening to make you break a sweat, let me encourage you today. A little elbow grease never hurt anyone. In fact, it lubricates the wheels of progress!

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The Magic Word That Makes Things Happen


Thanks 150x99 The Magic Word That Makes Things HappenYou can type any combination of letters on a computer keyboard in order to formulate a message, but the key on the keyboard that submits that message to the world, is the ‘Enter’ key.

Just like the enter key is the key that makes things happen on your keyboard; the word ‘Thanks’ is the word that makes things happen in real life.

Show your gratitude often and you’ll grease the wheels of your life.

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Oh my word!

world hands

Wonder 300x215 Oh my word!

Have you heard how…

My husband and I love to watch programmes that are all about figuring out how things are made and stuff is done. The whole process of discovery is so wonderful and we’re fascinated by learning how things work and why things are the way they are.

Just like the child in this image, never lose your sense of wonder and awe at how amazing life is. That excitement makes every day a day of discovery.

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Are you maintaining structural integrity?

ice - don't be diluted

ice dont be diluted 150x100 Are you maintaining structural integrity?Structural Integrity – … is a measure of the quality of construction and the ability of the structure to function as required.

One of the greatest journeys we can undertake in our lives is the journey of self-discovery. Along this journey we are given many opportunities to have our character refined and honed. When we agree to let ourselves be stripped of fear and its consequent actions, we allow our true natures to emerge. This process will show … the measure of the quality of your construction

As you journey, you will find out who you are and what ‘stuff’ you’re made of and also learn how to maintain the ability of the structure to function as required

My own life journey is filled with embracing the opportunities I’m given to measure of the quality of construction and the ability of the structure to function as required. .

I highly recommend it to you!

I would be privileged to walk the journey with you. Go to to find out more.

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Is the Fairytale dead?

Union Jack

Union Jack 150x100 Is the Fairytale dead?As the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton approaches, I have a question to ask you.

Is the fairytale of a beautiful wedding and a lifetime of wedded bliss – dead?

I, for one, sincerely hope not! Having been married for 15 years to a man who is my complete opposite, I can truly say that with a touch of hope, a willingness to work at it and a determination to see it through no matter what may come, I believe that the fairytale can be kept very much alive.

As human beings, we are created to be in relationship with one another. To make a vow to love, cherish, honour an obey each other until death do you part is a wonderful opportunity to develop a deep bond with another. The journey is often very tough, filled with character refining moments and sometimes a good dose of bullheaded determination is needed in order to survive.

It certainly requires the willingness to forgive and forget and to give another chance.

There is definitely going to need to be some healthy compromise involved, but with that comes the forging of new common standards of behaviour and agreed baseline expectations.

Marriage is definitely not easy, but it is really simple. And the rewards, in my opinion, make the effort worthwhile.

If you haven’t yet read this book then I highly recommend it to you. It helped save my marriage and keeps it good.

The Five Love Languages by Dr Gary Chapman - Click here to view

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Are you listening to your Gut?

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Sour Grapes Anyone?

Grapes 300x289 Sour Grapes Anyone?Sour Grapes - Refers to envious behaviour, especially pretending to not care for something one does not or cannot have… (

Isn’t it galling when you’ve been dreaming about something for ages, working toward it, sweating for it…and then someone else seems to get exactly what you wanted with apparently little or no effort?

One of two things can occur when that happens. A) either throw in the towel or B) it makes you even more determined to get what you want!

However, regardless of which path it makes you take, one thing is for sure – sour grapes will stop you moving forward!

Let go of being resentful of what other people have or get and just wish them well instead. Then, concentrate on getting what you want REGARDLESS of what others have, and you will have let go of resentment and have your full power back in order to reach your own goals.

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Keep the Fire Burning

Filomena Scalise /

Flame alive 86x150 Keep the Fire BurningWhat is it that keeps you keeping on?

Is it a dream that is deeply etched into your soul? Is it a sense of responsibility? Is it wanting to leave a legacy? Is it pursuit of ‘the good life’? Is it because you want to make a difference?

Whatever it is that keeps you going no matter what obstacles you face, I encourage you to nurture it as much as you can. It is essential to continued forward movement to keep the reason for that forward movement, as sharp and clear as possible.

Keep the fire burning.

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Excellence, is perfect

Stand out excellence

Stand out excellence 150x150 Excellence, is perfectRing the bells that still can ring
Forget your perfect offering.
There is a crack in everything,
That’s how the light gets in.
~Leonard Cohen

Do your Best
Be your Best
and you will enjoy your Best

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Tried & Tested – You’re Approved


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