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Try, and then try again


curls 150x150 Try, and then try again

I must admit to being a total ‘info-junkie’. I’m always looking for proven ways to improve the way I live my life.

So, with that in mind, I decided to go to YouTube and find a way to curl my hair, without having to use heat. It never ceases to amaze me how much informtion is available, right at our fingertips. There were lots of videos all showing different ways to do what I asked for.

For anyone who has tried to grow their hair, you know that the less heat, colouring and products you use, the better the chances are of having long hair (before you die!). So, I use a fabulous hair oil (Amla Oil) and try to use heat as little as possible. My hair is already quite long, so it’s more important that I look after what I already have really well so that it can stay healthy and continue to grow.

The tips and techniques that appealed to me the most were the ones where I could put ‘curlers’ in my hair and sleep with them in overnight, waking up to beautiful ‘beach curls’ the next morning! Voila – problem solved! My kinda equation – minimal effort + minimal time = desired result. The method that appealed to me the most was the one where you take baby wipes, fold them into long strips, wind your sectioned hair around the wipe, tie a knot in it to secure it, go to sleep and hey presto – curly, non heat treated curls in the morning!

So, I duly traipsed off to the supermarket, venturing into an aisle that I know nothing about… in search of the baby wipes. I washed my hair and, a little impatiently, waited until it was almost dry and started to ‘wind it up’ icon smile Try, and then try again . I must admit to having one of the most uncomfortable night’s sleep I’ve had in ages, because even though the wipes are softer than curlers, you still feel like you’re sleeping on a pothole filled road in deepest Africa!

IMG 1667 350x350 Try, and then try again

I woke up in excited expectation of having finally found a way to do my hair that didn’t take an hour at a time, and began to attempt to unwind the wipes from my hair. All I can say is that, in addition to contorting my arms into all sorts of funny poses, I eventually had to just pull the wipes out once they’d gotten thoroughly wedged.

The most disappointing thing was that my hair, after 7 hours of sleep, was still wet! I just left the curls as they were and let them dry as I got ready for the day. By the time 11 o’clock came, I had a total frizz bomb on my head!

Not to be put off though, I duly waited until evening and this time I adjusted what hadn’t worked the night before. Firstly, my hair was now dry. Secondly, I took larger sections of hair so that the curls wouldn’t be so tight. Thirdly, I took more care when winding the hair so that it didn’t get tangled and fourthly, I re-arranged the bunches so that the places where my head touches the pillow were smooth so that I could get some sleep icon smile Try, and then try again

I woke up this morning and the changes seem to have worked – well, mostly. I slept much better, the curls are actual curls and not frizz, the wipes came out much easier BUT the curls look like little piggy tails on my head. It’s so funny, I have these really tight little  springs that are so curled that my hair looks like it’s shrunk to just below my shoulders.

curly 350x350 Try, and then try again

I’ll continue to try all the permutations I can think of – adding a little bit of product, making the baby wipe curlers as thick as I can etc etc, until I either get the result that I want or, after trying all that I can think of, I’ll decide that this technique won’t work for me and go looking for another one.

So, for now – it’s all been confined to a clip. But it looks like one little curl refuses to be denied her freedom!

IMG 1684 350x350 Try, and then try again

So, the moral of the story?

  • Have a vision of what you want
  • Go looking for ways to get it
  • Of the solutions you find – use the one that’s been the most successful for others.
  • Try it and tweak it until it either does what you want it to do or you find that it won’t deliver.
  • Rinse and repeat!

All part of the wonderful adventure we call life icon smile Try, and then try again


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Inspiring People


If you have an inspiring person in your life – thank them today!

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What is Communication really?


ommunication 150x102 What is Communication really?Communication is far more than just talking and listening. At its essence, it’s about really connecting with another human being.

The art of effective communication is getting to the stage where, when you speak ‘apples’, your audience hear ‘apples’ and you end up with ‘apple juice’ as opposed to ‘mixed fruit salad’ because they heard pears, bananas and grapes.

It’s a simple equation.


Using the principle of Leverage to increase your Assets in the vehicle of a Message, well Presented.

Part 2 to follow…

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I’ve found a DIAMOND!


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Powerful creation from Faith – Part 3

Action Points cont’d…


So now you get to decide which of the beliefs you woudl like to keep and which you would like to change. As far as I’m concerned the only way to get rid of the darkness is to shine light on it, which leaves it no place to go but out. In my case, the Truth I know is the Truth of the Bible.

So I take the belief that I no longer want to manifest in my life and find the real Truth about it. I then merely substitute the lie for the Truth – it’s that simple. So where you may have previously believed that your worth comes only from the amount and quality of work you do, you can now substitute it with the Truth that says you are of tremendous worth just because God loves you. Whereas you may previously have believed that you could live life as you pleased, you can now understand that what you sow you WILL reap and therefore it would be wise to concentrate on what you sow.


The next step is to visualise yourself living according to your new beliefs. See yourself truly happy, with a deeply contented smile on your face and peace in your heart. See yourself deal with problems in a calm and rational way and coming up with the best solution for all involved. Picture your relationships flourishing – with your spouse, your family, friends, work colleagues and strangers.


This is the most freeing technique I know. It makes you consciously aware of what belief mechanisms are operating in your life and gives you the means to be able to eradicate those you no longer wish to live by and substitute them for the Truth you do wish to see manifest in your life. Imagine living the kind of life you truly desire and as you replace the old erroneous beliefs and substitute them for the Truth, you will see this life become your reality.

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Powerful creation from Faith – Part 2

Action Points

Now that you’re aware of this equation you can begin to look out for the signs that indicate which route your life is taking.


Start to observe your behaviour in a variety of situations throughout the day. When do you get angry? What happens that makes you sad? What triggers self pity? When do you feel ‘down’ and when do you feel ‘up’?  When you notice your response to a certain stimulus, make a note of it on a piece of paper. On the left hand side make a note of all the feelings and reactions you no longer want to experience and on the right hand side make a note of those feelings or situations that are pleasant and that you’d like to continue to experience. Do this for about a week.

At the end of that week you will have a comprehenisve list of what your daily highs and lows are and will be able to see the general direction in which your life is travelling.


Next, look at what is in the left hand column and think about why you react that way when a particular stimulus is applied. So for instance – why are you so hurt when no-one compliments you on that new dress? What triggers you getting so angry when you’re cut off in traffic? How come you’re afraid when you think of the ‘past due’ elecrticity bill? Similarly, why does watching the sunrise fill you with peace? What is it that makes your heart swell with pride when you’re complimented? What is it that enables you and your spouse to never go to bed angry with each other?

When you’ve looked deep enough and found the root of each of these reactions to stimuli, you will have found the REAL belief behind the manifested reality. This where you will be able to see that your deep seated belief that you don’t have what it takes to be successful, keeps you poor; that your innate belief in the goodness of love, keeps your relationships strong and that your utter conviction that people who are taken advantage of will never succeed keeps you fighting.

…See you tomorrow for Part 3

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Powerful creation from faith – Part 1


 Powerful creation from faith   Part 1

Federico Stevanin /

What is faith?

It has often been said that fear is the opposite of faith, but I’d like to offer a different explanation.

Faith is actually TOTAL belief in something – be it a religion, a person or a way of doing something - it is TOTAL. Faith is completely intertwined with, and fuelled by, emotion which is the rocket fuel that gives faith its power.

What route will your faith take?

So, if our belief is the basis of our reality; faith gives us the ability to totally believe the belief, and emotion gives the equation the rocket fuel needed in order to manifest the belief into reality. You see, what we believe and have total faith in, is the basic substance from which we create our manifested version of reality.

What is it then that gives this whole equation its direction? 

There are two roots that determine the route that a belief will take. The one root is fear of the hurt of what we percieve as bad and the other root is the hopeful expectation of what we perceive as good. It is one of these two roots that determine which route our belief system will take and thus, what will manifest in our reality.

…See you tomorrow for Part 2

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Walking in proven footsteps

 Walking in proven footstepsWe had 5 inches of snow overnight and woke up to the beautiful scenes we generally only see on Christmas cards.

My family and I went out running around like excited children at 8am, making sure we left our ‘mark’ in the virgin snow.

As I was out taking the dogs for their walk in the park, I realised that it is far easier to walk in someone else’s footsteps than it is to try to make new one’s on my own. This is so true in life as well. I have always found that it is far easier to find a credible source of information and follow it.

When I want to learn something new or get some information that can help me to correct a problem, I look for an expert in that area. Too often we will take advice about finances from the broke man next door or tips on raising children from the spinster at the library. Make sure that the source of your information is someone that has been successful in the area that you’re looking at – because only a solid, proven base of knowledge can produce successful results.

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Achieve your own happiness!

 Achieve your own happiness!Aristotle said that the ultimate aim or purpose of human life is to achieve your own happiness.

Whilst I don’t agree that this is the ultimate purpose of our lives, I think that it is a good place to start.

Here is what Brian Tracy had to say about this in his newsletter ‘You are the very happiest when what you are doing on the outside is congruent with your values on the inside. When you are living in complete alignment with that which you consider to be good, right, and true, you will automatically feel happy and positive about yourself and your world.’ Brian Tracy (

I couldn’t agree more. If we can spend some time every day making sure that what we’ve planned for that day is in alignment with our values, we will already have set our feet on the winners path.

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All we need is love…Part 3

love 133x150 All we need is love...Part 3

Filomena Scalise /

From Part 2…

So, not only do we get to see things from the other person’s point of view, but we also learn to see where it is that our own reaction is coming from.

Deep within each of us are hurts and fears as well as loves and joys that direct our beliefs about ourselves and our world. They determine how we see our daily interactions and how we handle what life sends our way.

Learning to treat not only ourselves, but others, with compassion, will enable us to interact from a position of love, empathy and kindness. So, make up your mind to go into every interaction today with an attitude of love, trying to look at things from the other person’s viewpoint – not just your own.

This how we then fulfil that commission Jesus gave us to  ’Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you’ – because when we do, life is so much richer and more enjoyable for all of us.

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All we need is love…Part 2

love 133x150 All we need is love...Part 2

Filomena Scalise /

From Part 1

That story hits us right where it hurts doesn’t it?

Do you think Stephen spent the rest of the ride trying to get his foot out of his mouth? I know that I have done the same thing in my life and deeply regretted it.

Learning to see things in the way Jesus was referring to, is a wonderful journey. It means that instead of entering the interaction with another person with the mindest of thinking only of ourselves, we enter it thinking of the other person too.

Thus, we will no longer ‘knee-jerk’ react to either the words the other person says or the way in which they say them. We learn to see beyond what is visible to our eyes.

See Part 3

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