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Frustrated? Get it all out!

When we’re feeling really frustrated or something is going horribly wrong in our lives, we all tend to moan and have a real tantrum. There are two ways people deal with this situation. Watch the video to see a new way of looking at it

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Your Happy Place

Fun 121x150 Your Happy Place

There is a place you can go that can help you to rest, regroup and recover – your Happy Place.

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Difficult? Do It Anyway!

uk flag 150x112 Difficult? Do It Anyway!Life is difficult for us all at one time or another.

Learning to get up and carry on regardless is a lesson that will help each of to ‘keep on keeping on’.

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Seasons are here for a Reason

smile 150x85 Seasons are here for a Reason

Francesco Marino /

Every season brings with it unique lessons to be learned.

Embrace the season and its lessons and you’ll be happier and wiser when the next one comes along.

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