Confident Motherhood


- ‘No such thing as a ‘perfect’ Mum’

- ‘Keep yourself topped up’ and

- ‘What’s your Love Language?’

- These EXACT lessons have helped me go from ‘overwhelmed’ to ‘overjoyed’!

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And so…

You are a precious woman! Believe it or not – it is true.

Life may have beaten some of the stuffing out of you and you no longer feel special, let alone precious, but I’m hoping to turn that around by sharing the simple truths with you in this e-book.

As Mums, I know that we’re all busy and, with this in mind, I have broken the information in this book into bite size chunks. It’s basically a two week daily reminder of who you really are. There’s a ‘Truth’ to read every day and then some simple actions that you can take to highlight that Truth to yourself during the day. I will also send you one truth per day by e-mail, to make it even easier to keep it up.

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Let all your girlfriends know that there is help and support is available and that being a Mum doesn’t have to be a nightmare – it can be a wonderful journey.

I pray richest blessings on you and yours.

Be blessed,

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 Confident Motherhood

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