Day 10 – The Power of Listening

Park entrance

My alarm clock is set for the same time every week day. Sometimes it’s easy to get up and sometimes it’s not.

This morning, my cat had already jumped on our bed at just after 3 and then again close to 5. It’s a strange thing, but I get so mad when my sleep is disturbed and sometimes I just get stubborn and refuse to get up because I feel like I’ve been robbed of sleep.

This morning however, I lay there, just thinking, talking to God and dreaming. It was a lovely time and when I did get out of bed, things felt better again. The I came into the study and I try to keep my attention on God. Sometimes that works really well and sometimes it doesn’t. I tend to get frustrated if it’s coming close to the end of our QT and I feel that I haven’t spent enough time with Him or haven’t given Him my full attention. Then, winding up our time and going into the day with Him just feels like something I do out of habit as opposed to a joyful thing.

This morning I was in a bad mood and felt so frustrated that I wanted to pop. I’m recognising that this is a recurring thing with me and that I have the choice to continue to let it carry on this way or I can ask God for help with it. So, I mentally stopped and just asked the Holy Spirit what I should do. Straight away I felt like I should go and take a walk in the park. Immediately all the reasons for not being able to do this came flooding into my mind. I had to get ready for the day, make breakfast for the household, be at my desk at 9 etc etc etc. Once I’d managed to stop the runaway train of my thoughts, I realised that I had asked for a solution, received it and now it was up to me to take it or leave it. I decided to take it icon smile Day 10   The Power of Listening

I bundled into my coat, told the household where I was going and stepped out the door. Almost immediately I started to feel better. The air was cool and crisp and the sky a beautiful blue. I took a deep breath and thanked the Holy Spirit for leading me to do this. We walked along together and I coud feel the frustration melting away as I went.

You see, the Holy Spirit knows how much I love to be in nature. He knows how I marvel at the amazing things He’s created and seeing them just instantly puts a huge grin on my face. By the time we’d go to the entrance of the park, I was really excited to see what the beautiful Autumnal scene looked like today. Here are a couple of pictures I took as I walked. They don’t even begin to show you how truly exquisite the park is at that time of the morning, but at least they give you a glimpse into my world.

IMG 1741 350x350 Day 10   The Power of Listening

IMG 1735 350x350 Day 10   The Power of Listening

IMG 1743 350x350 Day 10   The Power of Listening

As I walked, I noticed the variety of leaves that were lining the path. Each was very specific in shape, texture, colour and markings. Every time I notice this in nature, I’m reminded of the principle of seedtime and harvest. That when we sow something, if given the right conditions to grow in, it WILL – a) produce what is within its DNA to produce and b) it WILL produce. If all the prerequisites that it needs are met, then there’s a guaranteed harvest on the way.

Gen 8:22 says – While the earth remains, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease (Amp) 

I asked the Holy Spirit to explain that verse to me. You know, show it to me in real ways that I can see working in my own life. He brought my attention to a leaf and told me to look at it closely in comparison to the leaf from another tree.

IMG 1745 112x150 Day 10   The Power of Listening

IMG 1744 112x150 Day 10   The Power of Listening

They had the common attributes of leaves, but that’s where the similarities stopped. They were different shapes, different colours, different sizes, smelt different and, funny enough, looked just like the leaves that had come off the same tree that they had – and very different to the other leaves. The knowledge in the seed from which this tree and leaf grew is unique to it. It knew that when the soil was just the right temperature and had the correct amount of moisture in it, the seed could start to grow. It started to draw nutrients from the soil around it and set about growing root. As soon as the roots were well enough established to draw nutrition from the soil, it started to grow the tree trunk. Once the trunk emerged from the ground it started to produce leaves which could draw nutrition from the sun. Then it puts all of its effort into growing strong enough until it reaches the phase where it can start producing whatever it needs in order to reproduce itself.

IMG 1739 350x350 Day 10   The Power of Listening

This is the same process that happens when we ‘sow’ something. It starts off as a little seed and when it’s planted in the right state of mind and heart, it starts to grow. It will continue to grow because that’s what it is programmed to do. Now, this happens wether it’s a good thing that we’ve sown, or a bad thing. When we are judgemental of someone, that seed is sown and sets about the process of growing. Just as a normal seed produces a much greater harvest than itself, so will the judgement be that comes back against us. Similarly, when we sow love and forgiveness and kindness and peace, it too will produce a huge harvest of the same in return.

Don’t know about you but I think I’m going to ask for help to sow as much good seed as I can icon smile Day 10   The Power of Listening

By the time I got back home I felt much happier, calmer and ready for the day than I had when I left. I’ve known for a long time that God’s ideas are better than mine icon smile Day 10   The Power of Listening


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