Day 14 – Happy Anniversary!


Today was our wedding anniversary.

We’re a little strange when it comes to celebrating things like birthdays and anniversaries. We will wake up and sing and maybe give a small prezzie and have a piece of cake for dessert, but other than that, it passes just like any other day.

I used to be upset about this as our relationship started off with my husband telling me this.
“I will never give you flowers because as far as I am concerned, it’s silly to kill flowers in order to give them to someone. I’d rather give you a live plant instead”
Well, that set the tone for that!

Similarly though, I am not a very creative or sentimental person, so even when I do get a card in celebration of something, I tend to throw it away straight after I’ve read it. To me, the important thing is what was written, not how it looked.

So, between the two of us, we don’t give flowers or cards! Sorry Hallmark!

Over the years though, there’s something else that we have developed a habit of doing, that serves both of us really well. We don’t wait for an occasion before we lavish love on each other, we just make sure that we do so every single day of our lives. We’re constantly telling each other that we love each other. We do little things that we both know are expressions of love (like I will make him coffee without being asked and he comes and hugs me so tightly that I wheeze icon smile Day 14   Happy Anniversary! ) We really are each other’s best friend and that permanent undercurrent of feeling safe and cherished, is far more important to us than flowers or cards ever could be.

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