Day 17 – The little gems in every day

Day 17 - 3 thoughts

Today was one of those days that just consist of lots of little things that all weave together to make lovely tapestry of a day.

The Holy Spirit woke me up early and I came through and spent some time with Him. I asked Him what He wanted to talk about and He shared some direction for the business and got me to work on compiling the book we’ll be releasing soon. I worked for a while and then started to feel tired and sat yawning. This is my cue that it’s time to go back to sleep because we’ve finished what He woke me up to do.

One of the things I’ve learned to do is to start a task that can continue running, while I’m doing something else. So, when I woke up later and had gotten ready for the day, I painted my nails so that they could dry while I type. I put an oil treatment on my hair that could work it’s brilliance for two hours while I work and I put dinner on to ‘slow cook’ so that it’s ready to eat before we go to class tonight. It’s amazing how much I get done by combining tasks like this. It also takes a lot of the ‘effort’ out of things – like sitting around waiting for my nails to dry before I do something that could smudge the polish. This way, my nails dry perfectly while I’m still doing other work.

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The BEST hair treatment (in my opinion icon smile Day 17   The little gems in every day

As we sat at our desks working, I looked up and saw a piece of the felt that we have on our garage roof, flip up and threaten to tear loose. The weather report forecasted gale force winds here today so I knew we’d better get out there and fix it. So, there we were climbing up ladders and clambering onto the roof, nailing down the felt as much as we could. I must admit to feeling a little like a ‘Charlie’s Angel’ (in my braver moments icon wink Day 17   The little gems in every day ) as I walked along the joist – hammer in one hand and stud nails in the other!

Day 17 garage 350x350 Day 17   The little gems in every day

The Garage roof

One of the things I love about God is the way He encourages me. I recommended to a friend of mine that they read the blog as I’m creating it so that they can see the journey of someone else who loves God. This is what they wrote in the text they sent me:

Dear Lisa. I read your blog and I was amazed how much God was speaking to me through it! It was very helpful and I do try to apply your wisdom to my life. I was always beating myself up about things. I have never felt more blessed than when I read your blog. I’m so grateful to God for sharing it with me.

My face literally felt like it was split from side to side by the smile that text brought me. It’s a high that nothing else brings. Walking in my calling and hearing how people’s lives are changed is the feeling that I live for. It makes me so very grateful to God for what He says to me and through me. It helps me to realize how much He cares, how amazingly He’s putting everything together to help us, heal us and guide us. How amazing is He!?
Throughout the day two other people sent encouragement to me and I was just so humbled by God showing me what He can do when we’re obedient to His call on our lives.

A lot of the revelation that He gives me just comes from observing the world around me. As I was sitting here, I saw the flower baskets that we hang from decorative brackets on the side of the garage, really being buffeted by the wind. As I watched, I thought – “I’d better go and take those down so that the metal brackets don’t develop a weak point because of the stress of the wind blowing the basket.”
Then my thoughts turn to other applications of ‘stress’. If that metal bracket could develop a ‘stress weakness’ then so can we. If that bracket could be saved by removing the stressor from it during this period of intense stress, then the same can work for us. So, if we’re experiencing a very high level of stress because of a short-term stressor that is not of our making and we can relieve ourself of a factor that could cause a ‘stress weakness’, then we should. Just like the act of taking the heavy basket off the bracket during these gale force winds, will enable it to be strong for longer, the same can happen to us. WOW.
When this thought pattern happens, I write it down in a document that I have on my PC. I find that the more I write them down, the more of them come. The more of them come, the more I have to share with the world that can help them. Thank You LORD!

Lastly, before I go down and eat the dinner that has been ‘slow cooking’, I caught a concept that is in the material I’m studying at the moment. The author said that the top 3 thoughts that we’re thinking all day long, determine what happens in our day. Hmmmm….
So, I have written what I want my top 3 thoughts to be and I’ve pasted it on the window right in my field of vision. They will remind me of the Truth and get me back on track when I wander off!

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Another day done and I believe it went just the way it was supposed to!

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