Day 21 – Dream, dream, dream…


11743141 s 350x266 Day 21   Dream, dream, dream...Today I started to dream in earnest.

I’m constantly learning, but one of the things that I fall down on is implementing all that I learn. Sometimes it’s because I simply learn too much and there isn’t time left over to implement. Sometimes it’s because there are blocks in my thinking that stop me implementing. Sometimes it’s ‘overwhelm’ and sometimes it’s simply laziness.

Over the past few days I’ve been remembering the lessons I’ve learned about grace. Before I went to sleep last night I read an article about how God’s power is shown to be strong in our weakness. I was reminded of the verse where He says ‘let the weak say I am strong’ and ‘let the poor say I am rich’. It’s calling the Truth of God’s word and His promises into our lives, even while the circumstances around us say the complete opposite.

So, after hearing a podcast and reading this article, I went at it with renewed vigour this morning. I sat and dreamed about exactly what I want to happen in my business. I mean, exactly. How many people I want to talk to via Social Media every day. What I want the statistics page to look like. The fact that I want to be a New York Times Bestselling Author. I imagined the changes I want to see in people’s lives because of hearing God’s word through me. I saw the smiles on people’s faces. I saw marriages being healed, children being nurtured and friendships being put back together again. I felt the feeling I always feel when I am standing on a stage talking to an audience about how amazing life is with God. I saw my lost friends and relatives realizing that the only answer is Jesus and finally laying down the heavy burdens of their lives.

The pictures were vivid. The emotions were real. The joy was amazing.

The funniest thing happened. The more I dreamed, the more I felt like what I was dreaming could really happen. It made what I had only previously hoped for, much more real… and I started getting excited by the possibilities.

Now traditionally I’m not very good at keeping something up once ‘ve started it. I get hooked on the excitement of a ‘new thing’ but my enthusiasm tends to fizzle out close to the middle. So, if I want to continue doing something all the way through to the end, I really need help.

This is where the teaching about grace and ‘calling thinbgs that aren’t yet visible, into being’ will be great for me. I’m a visual person which means that I can easily see what something will look like, but am not so hot at building a model of it or listening to someone talk for 2 hours non-stop. So, this practice of visualizing what I dream about is a fab way to help me stay connected and interested.

As I start this I’m going to start at the place where all power comes from – God. I’m not going to do this by myself (been there, done that and felt the pain of failure too many times). I’m going to take a deep breath and ask for God’s help. It seems like a ‘no brainer’ doesn’t it? He is almighty God. He knows how to love on people via social media. He knows how to write books that the world will read. He knows how to mend a broken relationship so that it’s whole again. He knows how to help me to finish what I start.

So, the first thing I’m going to do is just rest in the fact that He is so amazing. Rest in the fact that I am His much beloved little girl. Do you know that He thinks about me ALL the time?! He has these beautiful plans all laid out for every day of my life and everything in them is only there to make sure that I am so blessed that I’m in total awe of what He does. He likes to show off like that J. It blesses Him so much when I trust that He has it all sorted out; that He really can do things that would blow my mind. It’s like giving Him permission to flex His muscles on my behalf and to just knock my socks off as I marvel at who He is.

And do you know what the amazing thing is? He feels the same way about you! Woohoo!

In all the areas that I feel so inadequate I’m just going to dream about what life will look like when God fills in my gaps with His wisdom and power. Then He’ll add His rocket fuel anointing power to the whole thing and astounding results will follow! And He will get all the glory for what has been done because it will be so much more than I could ever have done on my own!

Just a few of the verses that I will rely on during my journey:

  • Philippians 2:13
  • Philippians 4:13
  • 2 Corinthians 12:9-10
  • Proverbs 3:5-6
  • Ephesians 3:20


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