Day 27 – Better ‘felt’ than ‘telt’


IMG 1477 350x350 Day 27   Better felt than teltWe’ve had a lovely weekend! It’s been full of family fun all round.

One of the people who was with us this weekend is a total ‘foodie’ and, even though I don’t particularly like cooking, I had a treat for her. We’ve recently bought a fabulous bread making machine and it makes lovely bread. It has a timer and so, the evening before, I put all the ingredients into the mixing bowl and we all woke up to the heavenly smell of freshly baked bread.

It so happens that one of her favourite foods is …freshly baked bread! I took her round the kitchen and showed her how I prepped and we set the machine. Some 10 hours later she woke up to a newly baked loaf, with the smell wafting all through the house. She was amazed and totally sold on the idea of buying a breadmaking machine for herself. It really struck me – the power of actually experiencing what is promised is far more powerful than just hearing the ‘sales pitch’. It adds layers of depth, emotion and experience that is far better ‘felt’ than ‘telt’.

You know, it’s like that in our lives too. When people actually see the evidence of Jesus in us – actually feel the love and experience acceptance, mercy and grace – it’s a far more powerful way to let them know how wonderful He is, than to simply tell them. I got so excited by this revelation that I want to be someone who lives the reality of Jesus every day. I want to be so surrendered that people see is Him in me, all the time. I want to be so reliant on the Holy Spirit’s power that people see, feel and experience Jesus in everything I do. Then, the evidence is irrefutable. It will go beyond being something I talk about, to something I live. And when it gets to that point, people will see Him for who He really is and trust Him instead of feeling ‘sold to’. Oh man, I want that so much!

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