Day 26 – I am a friend of God

God's friend

Gods friend 350x350 Day 26   I am a friend of GodSomething is really blowing my mind at the moment. This concept of being a friend of God’s. I suppose we all have our pre-conceived ideas of what God is like, but I doubt that we naturally think of ourselves as being able to be friends with the Creator of the Universe!

I’m reading ‘The Supernatural Ways of Royalty’ by Kris Vallotton and he’s just outlined this concept in really simple detail, which has really opened up my eyes and is beautifully messing with my previous beliefs.

I’ve sat asking God to really explain to me what our friendship would look like. So, as a starting point He’s been taking me through what my friendship with Frans, my husband, looks like.

What do I do to look after and nurture my friendship with Frans? Well, I

  • Do things that I know he likes.
    • I make him coffee, just the way he likes it, without being asked.
    • I stop what I’m doing and concentrate on him when he wants to hug me.
    • I do all the organizing that he doesn’t like to do, so that it’s all just done for him.
    • I make his food in the way he likes it, so that he enjoys eating
    • Etc etc
    • Don’t do things I know he doesn’t like
    • Tell him I love him, all the time
    • Purposefully thank him of being a wonderful man and loving me the way he does
    • Leave him to do what he loves to do without nagging
    • Respect his opinion and listen to him when he wants to share something he’s found out
    • Honour his gifts and passions

So, if that’s what friendship looks like between Frans & I, how does it compare with my relationship with God?

Well, I set aside a specific time to talk to God and spend time with him, every day. But then once that time is finished, I don’t tend to talk to him throughout the day, like I would with Frans. I often have short little bursts of being aware of Him and hearing Him gently correct me, or see something that puts a huge grin on my face and know that it’s God sending me a hug, but as for having a gentle undercurrent awareness of Him, I don’t have that.

I don’t consciously think of things that I can do or say that will bless Him and put a smile on His face. There are things that I know He doesn’t like and yet I still do them (e.g. – being offended at someone’s behaviour). I don’t always respect what He tells to me to do (e.g. – I’m too scared that the person will laugh at me). Have you ever behaved this way?

This exercise was a real eye-opener for me. Not only did I see what I don’t do to nurture a friendship between God and I, but I also identified areas that, if I put in some conscious effort, I could really get closer to God! Wow, exciting times!

So, I sat and thought about what I could do that would put a smile on God’s face. I could:

  • Do little things throughout the day that are in line with what He talks about in the Bible.
    • Forgive someone quickly when I’m offended or hurt
    • Listen to and act on the little instructions and invitations that He offers. Like picking up the trash where I’m walking so that the path looks good. Helping someone to get something off a high shelf. Being patient with myself when I do something wrong. Sending someone an encouraging text when prompted to do so. All these little acts of obedience show that I value what He’s saying.
    • When I start to worry about a situation, stop and hand it over to Him to deal with and totally rely on Him to do so. Ask Him for the wisdom to know what my part is to do and do it with His help.
    • Tell Him I love Him
    • Thank Him for the privilege of being His daughter.
    • Ask Him about things. Ask Him to explain what I don’t understand. Ask Him to help the people I care about. Ask Him to help me sort out what I think of as problems. Ask Him to help me get to know Him better. Ask…
    • Trust that whatever He has planned is good for me, even when I can’t see how it will work out for good.

Just looking at this list puts a smile on my face. I get to bless God by doing these things and that will help our friendship be stronger and more intimate every day.

Now, all that’s left is to ask Him to help me be aware of Him throughout the day. Help me to be a good friend to Him and to love Him with all of my heart, my soul, my mind and my strength.

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