Day 6 – The myths surrounding Quiet Time


QT 350x265 Day 6   The myths surrounding Quiet TimeI’ve been a Christian for just over 10 years now. One of the first things I learned about was what is known as ‘Quiet Time’ (QT). It’s a portion of the day that you separate off so that you can spend time hearing from, and talking to, God.

Typically, it’s done in the morning so that you’re ready for the day having got your mind operating from God’s promises and not from the problems you see and feel around you. So, early on, I decided that I wa going to have a dedicated period of time every morning when I’d come and spend time with God before going into the day. The decison hasn’t always been easy to stick to though…

My nature is such that I like to have a plan. So, over the years, I have drafted, drawn out and put together a number of  ’plans’ of what my QT would look like. There have been times when the plan has been easy to stick to and times when it’s been really difficult. I set my alarm for the same time Monday to Friday and an hour later on Saturday and Sunday and then I know that I have a set timeframe in which I can just be with God.

The problem with this rosy picture is that sometimes you’re exhausted. Somethimes it’s cold. Sometimes you’re in a bad mood. Sometimes you’re just stubborn. Sometimes you don’t have anything to say. Sometimes you’re in a bad place and you can’t hear what God’s saying. Sometimes…

The second problem is when, like me, you know that having this time with God is VITAL to developing the relationship that Jesus bought for you. You’ve experienced the times when you’re so pumped up with the truth that you feel like you can literally conquer the world! The times when you’ve had such a wonderful time with God that you know there’s nothing that compares. Times when He’s spoken to you and you walk away with a crystal clear understanding of the next steps you need to take. Times when He’s explained a piece of the Bible in such an amazingly clear way that it changes the way you think, forever.
So, when you miss that morning’s QT, you really feel it. You feel empty. You feel unmotivated and lazy. You feel like today’s going to be full of “same’ ol’, same’ ol”. Things get to you and make you feel mad or sad or bad (or all 3).

It’s this see-saw that gets to me the most. Like Paul describes in the famous passage:

What I don’t understand about myself is that I decide one way, but then I act another… Rom 7:15 (Msg)

The story of any Christian’s life innit? icon wink Day 6   The myths surrounding Quiet Time . The tug of war between what we know is right and our genuine desire to do it and the pull of wanting to do what we know isn’t right.

The problem is that I then get very angry with myself for not sticking to what I said I’d do and beat myself up mercilessly. This then spills into the mood I’m in with my family and those I spend every day with. I just feel so bad about not sticking to my word and not spending the time with God that I know both He and I long to spend together.

All through my journey I’ve asked God what QT is supposed to look like and this is what He’s shown me along the way.

  • It’s a personal experience between each person and Him.
  • Everyone’s experienec will be unique and perfect for them.
  • It’s more about spending the day with Him and sharing every part of the day and not just a sectioned off piece at the beginning
  • Relationship is the key. When we really want to be with Him, we will
  • Jesus understands the ups and downs of our lives and sometimes, if we’re simply too tired this morning, He’ll gently tuck us up and whisper that we should sleep a little longer today
  • Sometimes He’ll wake us up in the early hours of the morning and show us something mind-boggling and then put us back to sleep for a couple of hours
  • It’s all about having a loving, close relationship with Him that’s beautiful

My problem used to be that I was legalistic about my QT. It started at … and finished at … It had these parts to it and they all followed in order. That’s not relationship. That’s not how I interact with my husband, daughter and friends. So why did I think that that’s the way it had to be between God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit and me?

I am everlastingly thankful that He’s showing me what it looks like just hang out with Him and ‘do life’ with Him all day long. Nowadays, my QT is getting to be much more of a relaxed time with Him. Some days I just sing to Him. Some days we study the Bible together. Some days we read a book and some days we warfare. I’m filled up with Him and excited about the day, far more often than not and life is getting to be more wonderful by the day.

Thank You my Abba Daddy, my precious Lord Jesus and my wonderful Holy Spirit that I get to ‘do life’ with You.


And, as if to cement it, Joyce Meyer just posted this on her FaceBook page today:

One of the best gifts we can give ourselves is time alone with God.

Love You LORD!

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