Day 7 – Crafted Prayer

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6674840 s 306x350 Day 7   Crafted PrayerOne of the most revolutionary concepts I’ve learned as a Christian, is this truth about Intercessory prayer.

I was reading the booklet ‘Crafted Prayer’ by Graham Cooke and in it he mentions the practise of pausing and asking a certain question before you pray. I am on the prayer list of our Church. Basically this means that whenever someone has a prayer request, they text it to our prayer co-ordinator who then sends a mass text out to everyone, asking us all to pray for the particular issue. So, the next thing we instinctively do is to start praying. That’s where the problem lies.

If Jesus is interceding on our behalf (Heb 7:25), then we can take it that He is praying something specific about each situation in our lives. And, seeing as He knows everything about the past (what has happened leading up to this point), the present (what is currently happening that we need prayer for) and the future (what He has planned for us) then it stands to reason that it would be best for us to ask Him what He’s praying about and agree with Him.

Instead, we immediately start firing off prayers that are largely based on the fear that is present in the person and ourselves, relating to the situation we’re facing right now. They tend to be knee jerk reactions to what we think we know about the situation and what we think we need to pray about in it. We often don’t take the time to stop and ask God what is really happening and then pray powerful prayers that specifically address what’s going on.

So, this morning, a prayer request came in and I started to pray. I was filled with emotion because the people we were praying for are close to us and the situation didn’t look good. Then I suddenly remembered what I had learned and I stopped praying. I sat quietly and just asked Jesus to let me know what He was praying into the situation and what He wanted me to agree with. I sat quietly praying in the spirit and waiting for an answer. By the time I’d been praying in the spirit for a while, I felt a release and knew that the Holy Spirit had been praying on my behalf and that my part in the intercession was finished for now.

I’m very pleased to say that the issue is now all sorted out and the person involved is fine. icon smile Day 7   Crafted Prayer . Just as important though is that I had the utter confidence that the beautiful will of our loving Jesus, would be done…and that is all I needed to know.


I have just finished writing this during my QT this morning because last night I sat down to complete it and I had no clue what to say, the page was swimming before me and I kept on thinking of other things instead of knowing what to write. I’m still asking the Lord if this is the enemy distracting me or if I was simply very tired and needed to rest before attempting it. Either way, I just asked for help and the Holy Spirit said that as long as I met the deadline that He’s given me (and He would help me with that), I could go to sleep. I’ve sat down and finished writing this in 18 minutes, with no interruption in the flow of what needed to be said. God is so good to us!

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