Day 8 – An ‘about turn’


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We know that on the healing journey that we get to walk out every day, there’s a lot of healing, correction and repentance that goes along with it.

I have a friend who used to be really close to me. They moved away and now we have very little contact and, I guess, I just miss them. Unfortunately, I’ve let a nasty little thing creep into my heart regarding this situation. Every time I see news of this person, I feel greatly offended. I feel all the hurt that comes with the feelings of being abandoned, being ignored and just not being a part of their life anymore. I realise that offence is a really deadly thing to feel and once I become aware of what I’m thinking, I ask the Holy Spirit for help to get rid of offence and bless the person instead.

I have another friend who seems to have purposely distanced themselves from me. I have the distinct impression that offence is doing some nasty work in their lives too. I think of them and say to myself, ‘they’re a mature Christian and they’re letting offence into their hearts. I hope they realise what they’re doing and get rid of it soon. They know better than to let it hang around.”

Well, as He so often does, the Holy Spirit tapped me on the shoulder and brought these two scenarios to my remembrance. How could I judge my one friend and say that they should have gotten rid of the offence because they should know better than to let it stick around and yet, feel that way myself? ‘Stones’ and ‘Glass houses’ come to mind!

I had been given a glimpse of the other side of the coin and was being confronted with not only the reality that I too am a mature Christian and know not to let offence stick around but also with the real and raw emotions that open the doorway to it. One ting I have learned is to be quick to repent (literally to turn in the opposite direction and go a new course). I quickly told the Holy Spirit how sorry I was, received God’s forgiveness, told offence to get out in Jesus’ name and pray God’s blessing on both of my friends.

The most amazing thing happens when bitterness turns into thankfulness and we get the opportunity to pray for someone else. Everything feels lighter. Everything feels more hopeful. Everything feels better.

I am so everlastingly grateful that the Holy Spirit corrects me. I have asked Him please to let me know when I’m acting up and I’m not walking in love. I actually feel an uncomfortable feeling on the inside of me and that’s when I realise that I’m being given the opportunity to stop what I’m doing or saying and ask Him for help to repent, receive forgiveness and come back onto the right path. There’s nothing like it!

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