Day 9 – A Day Full of Gratitude

Gratitude Rd

I’m sitting here with a massive smile on my face because I’m just feeling really, really grateful.

Today has been one of those days where I’ve just seen so many things to be grateful for.

Firstly, as I drove past the park this morning I remembered the beautiful walk that Frans and I took yesterday. Autumn is in full swing and the leaves on the majestic trees in the park across the road from our house are absolutely breathtaking. We haven’t been for a walk in the park for a while so we decided to rekindle the memory. This is just a glimpse of what we saw.

IMG 1733 350x350 Day 9   A Day Full of Gratitude

I was so grateful to be spending time with Frans, walking and talking together.

The second thing that really blessed me today was being able to have coffee with a good friend of mine. We sat and talked through things that God is doing in both our lives and we ended up  both just being lost for words at how grateful we are to be children of His.

Then, I went about doing various little errands that had to be done, amongst them, buying the hair oil that I nourish my hair with. I can only get this at a certain store in my neighbourhood and it is down narrow little roads. Even when I take the special trip to go and get a couple of bottles of it, I can sometimes not find the specific product that I like to use. So, firstly I was really grateful that I found 2 bottles of excatly the one I like and secondly, I was able to help a lady who had a rather wide car, get out of a very narrow road, by getting out of my car and guiding her inch by inch.

As I drove away, I realised that I had parked at the lower end of the road because it was so congested and that I wouldn’t be able to take my normal route out of there. I ended up turning and turning down street after street, heading in the direction I thought would take me onto the main road and look at the street that I passed on the way!

IMG 1731 350x350 Day 9   A Day Full of Gratitude

I stopped the car and jumped out to take that picture! Classic!

Now that I’m home, I have another thing that I’m very grateful for. There is an organisation called ‘Samaritan’s Purse’ who run a Christmas campaign called “Operaton Christmas Child’ ( You basicaly fill a medium sized shoe box with little gifts, hand them in to a collection centre and Samaritan’s Purse then distribute these thousands upon thousands of gift filled boxes to children all over the world.

The looks of utter delight on the faces of the children is priceless! Some of them have never received a gift, let alone a box full of things that they can enjoy. The boxes are given to every child within a village/town regardless of religion and purely based on a desire to give them a gift. If they choose, they can attend a Christian mentoring course where the local churches tell them more about Jesus and mentor them. (I’m crying as I sit here). What a amazing way to show how much God loves them.

So, I carefully chose the little gifts for my ‘Girl’s Box’, for age 5-9 and have lovingly wrapped the box, filled it with gifts, labelled it up and I’ll drop it off later tonight. What a feeling! icon smile Day 9   A Day Full of Gratitude

IMG 1732 e1352830657943 300x225 Day 9   A Day Full of Gratitude

I have had a day packed full of gratitude and it’s the most amazing way to feel.

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