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Episode #2 – The Joy of Giving

We’ve all heard it said that “it’s better to give than to receive”. In my experience that saying is 100% true!

I’ve had the tremendous privilege of being the recipient of this joy on many occasions and I’m always blown away by the impact it has on my life.

Part of that joy comes from using the skills, gifts and talents that we each have and another part is from seeing someone else’s lives improved in some way, by us using our gifts. It’s a built in motivational mechanism. The more we use our unique gifts to help others, the more we want to!

I’d like to give you a free gift that has not only been a tremendous blessing in my own life, but in the lives of many others too.

My e-book ‘Confident Motherhood: 14 days to a More Self-confident You” is yours for the asking. If you’d like the Kindle version instead, it will cost a little to download it.

In it you’ll learn:
  • How to stop trying to be the ‘perfect’ mom (hint: no such person exists)
  • The one lesson that can totally transform the way your family loves each other
  • And, how to ‘fill yourself up’ so that you can face every day with confidence.

It’s completely free so please share it with your friends because my heart is to see families be the strong, loving foundation of society that they’re supposed to be. My gift to you and your family.

I guarantee that there will be a HUGE smile on my face whenever I get notified that someone’s downloaded the e-book,because, as we know – the JOY is in the Giving! icon smile Diamond TV

Episode #1 – How to get out of a muddle!

I loved this whole experience of taking something that seemed so neatly arranged, using it for a life event and everything getting muddled in the process, and then having to unravel it all for the ‘clean up’.

Isn’t life so often like that though? We think we have it all sorted out, then we go through something and we realise that things are all muddled. Honestly, we can sit and look at the muddle and keep feeling like we need to get around to fixing it or we can make the decision to sit down and take the time to sort it out.

It was a fantastic feeling when the last string of bunting was finally neatly layered and tied up. It had taken a couple of days to get round to doing it and a few more days, sitting patiently unravelling all the string and flags – but it was all worth it to see the neat little piles at the end.

This week’s ‘Little Diamond’ action step is to take the time to see where there’s a mess in your thinking. What thoughts come up over and over again that make you feel ‘blah’, every time they come up? Do you quietly moan to yourself about having to go to a job you hate? Does it get on your last nerve when you seem to be the only one who does anything around the house? Can you not take one more minute of the nagging that goes on around you?

Whatever is making you go crazy, sit down and really look at why you feel this way? What is the root cause of the fear, frustration, hurt?

Muddled 350x350 Diamond TV

Now that you’ve identified it, what is the real truth about the situation? What’s really going on?

Now, what can be done about it to make sure that it doesn’t stay a ‘mess’ that ‘messes’ with your head?

Fixed 350x350 Diamond TV

It can see like a difficult process, but it is so worth doing. Let me know how you get on, by posting your comments below.

Have a fabulous week and I’ll see you next Monday.

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