Do Your Best

 Do Your Best

Filomena Scalise /

Doing things excellently means doing things to the best of your ability – that’s not someone else’s ability, but your ability. Being excellent means that you’ve put everything you have into a certain task, that you’ve tried your very best, that you’ve taken all the knowledge you have, the skills and talents that you have, put in your experience and personality and you have done the very best that you are capable of doing. Anyone can and should be proud of that.

The beauty of the situation is that each one of us is capable of doing something that no-one else is capable of doing! We are capable of producing results that nobody else on the planet can produce. So when we give our best and try our best and put our ‘all’ into it, we produce something that is completely unique and will not only bless us in the doing but bless others in the giving.

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