Don’t let fear hang over you

246883 s 150x112 Dont let fear hang over youI was diagnosed with Cancer earlier this year. I’ve been through an operation and the ensuing Radiotherapy and have received the ‘all clear’. I’m booked in to have regular check ups and scans for the next couple of years, just to check that everything is still clear.

I had one of those ‘check up’ appointments today and I realised something as I was waiting to attend it – I mustn’t let ‘fear’ hang over me. Not only as regards Cancer, but also in any other area of my life!

There are always the ‘what if’s’ that can crawl into our minds and try to torment us with scenarios that might never happen and it’s our choice whether we give them room to grow or shut them out.

I want to encourage you not to give fear the opportunity to hang around long enough to grow – find it and shut it out!

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