Dream, dream, dream…


715756 s 150x96 Dream, dream, dream...Do you remember the old Everly Brothers song?

I need you so that I could die

I love you so and that is why

Whenever I want you, all I have to do is

Drea-ea-ea-ea-eam, dream, dream, dream

I’ve been concentrating on my dreams quite a bit lately. I close my eyes and see what I want in full detail. The car I want is an Audi A3. I have the full spec and know everything about the car that I need to know in order to dream about it.

I see what she looks like, I smell her ‘new car’ smell, I feel the acceleration when I pull off and I hear the music from her state of the art sound system. I imagine my reaction when I hold the keys and she’s mine. I see myself driving along singing at the top of my voice to the music I love. I imagine my friends and people I give a lift to, getting into the passenger seat with a big smile on their face because they’re blessed with a ride. I see myself talking to people on my iPhone that is connected straight into the tech system of the car as I’m on the way to a business appointment etc etc etc (I think you get the picture)

I want to encourage you to dream – really dream. See your dreams with all of your senses and your full imagination. Impress them on your mind with emotion and passion and a huge sense of gratitude and joy! Not only will this lift your spirits but it will also be a constant motivator to help you to accomplish your dreams.

Go for it…dream, dream, dream!

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