Elbow Grease…


Mop 150x100 Elbow Grease...When I saw this picture I was reminded of my Mom, who unfailingly let us know that a little elbow grease never hurt anybody! No matter how much we tried to convince her otherwise.

I remember throwing tantrums and sulking with all my might to try and get out of whatever task she’d set us – all to no avail. It didn’t perturb her, or change her mind, one bit!

In hindsight I’m so pleased that she didn’t. I’ve grown up with a tremendous work ethic which means that I am able to take responsibility for the work I do, with pride!

If you’re facing a daunting or challenging task that’s threatening to make you break a sweat, let me encourage you today. A little elbow grease never hurt anyone. In fact, it lubricates the wheels of progress!

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