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Nigel t FB It is my pleasure to endorse Lisa van den Berg.

Having had the opportunity to work alongside Lisa as a coach and mentor, I not only describe myself as her greatest cheerleader, but I am reminded of the two most important qualities that make her a pleasure to work with. They are her desire to learn and her desire to give.

Whether your desire is to develop the character traits of success, grow your business or gain the confidence to be your essential self, Lisa has the ability to give you the information that you need and the enthusiasm to motivate you to live your best life now.

Nigel Ipinson Fleming
Lisa has been responsible for developing our approach as a company to transforming our interaction with Clients and streamlining the way in which we present ourselves and do business. As a Coach her enthusiasm is infectious and she is a great catalyst for any cause that she gets involved with.


UK Churches
I have seen Lisa speak on many occasions and each time she has amazed me with her enthusiasm and ability to inspire the whole audience. She has a great ability to be able to reach all members of the audience and bring them along her journey in a natural relaxed way. I would highly recommend you book Lisa for any event you are planning, that’s if you can find a free date as she is in demand!

Phill Bate
Pete1 t FB Lisa has the confidence to stand and deliver. She holds an audience with a balanced diet of direct comment and personal story, spiced with slices of humour. Lisa is not afraid to tackle controversy and presents with unflinching passions. She brings a bundle of energy to any event, expecting loads of herself and looks forward to seeing others set alight by her efforts.

Dr Pete Moore
CHE 98541 t FB I met Lisa van den Berg through Toastmasters International and she has be an inspirational speaker with a unique feminine style.  She is always happy to share her knowledge and experience on public speaking and her talents as an educator are obvious.  As well as her speaking & coaching skills, Lisa stands out for her generosity & integrity in her dealings with people.

Christina Jones
It is relatively easy to command the attention of a crowd of people. Just walk onto the podium. The spotlight will command attention - at least for a short while. Retaining that attention for a period of time is the challenge and requires skills which do not come naturally to most.

Lisa has that natural appeal - a stage presence that projects a subtle mystique which necessitates an attentive ear.

Gary McFarlane
Lisa van den Berg is a speaker of speakers. She is very passionate about what she speaks about, and with her wealth of knowledge and experience, she does not speak about that which she has not walked through, which brings even a deeper impact to the lives of her hearers. She speaks from her heart, and has a no nonsense approach in her delivery, which keeps you engaged and challenged.

Denise Neale Gordon
Lisa brings a genuine warmth and confidence that inspires others. She speaks from the heart and personal experience which engages the listener - she is an 'equal' rather than speaking from a 'lofty height'. She simply believes that we can all travel the same road she has - that no matter what the starting point, what the history, we can start from here and now and move on to a wonderful new life.

Mary Hart
I am clear that Lisa has influenced not just mine, but many people's lives positively as she seeks to serve /be of service to them from her heart! It is not always in the 'headlines', but in things like coming alongside you when she senses there is a need for that. In paying attention to details - like awareness of an individuals capacity and sensitive to not overloading, without negative judgement.

I have especially appreciated her sharing with me when at a vulnerable time in my life. Lisa kept confidences, she encouraged me that there was true hope -not wishful thinking, and that I was not alone. She also managed to be non-intrusive; allowing me personal space and privacy. But I knew she was there routing for me, and she would offer encouragement as she saw positive changes in me! I would thoroughly recommend her as being a woman of integrity, service and wisdom.

Kemi Oladapo
I have known Lisa for seven years and have had the pleasure of working with her on a number of occasions.  She has always demonstrated a high degree of professionalism and clearly has the passion and talent to help people develop and grow.  For example within the last six months she inspired me to read a book that transformed my thinking about personal relationships (now, for me, reading a book from cover to cover is a rare thing!).

Tim Wilkinson

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