Character – The Backbone of Society

What is character?

Character is: the aggregate of features and traits that form the individual nature of some person or thing. (
It is the moral code according to which an individual has decided to behave – not just in public, but in private too.

Character is developed as we walk through life learning the lessons that we need to learn in order to be all that we were created to be; to live our best life.

Character traits such as loyalty, integrity, kindness, goodness, perseverance, excellence and honesty are the foundational principles which determine the way in which we choose to live our lives. Have we decided that we will be honest in all our dealings or is it OK for us to lie for a ‘good’ reason? Has the decision been made that we will always look on the bright side of any situation (even though it may take a little while to get there sometimes) or is life permanently gloomy with only occasional patches of sunshine?

The standard we wish to set for our life goes hand in hand with the character we want to develop. Our standards are the bar that we set when we decide how well we’re going to live out our character. And I’m not just talking about today; I’m talking about every day. So, how do we determine the standards in our lives?

The first lie we need to get rid of is that we have to be like someone else or conform to their standards. There are, of course, standards that are set for the good of society to which we all need to adhere. Standards like not stealing, murdering or causing someone else harm. These standards help us all to get along better and create a society in which we’re mostly happy to live.
Over and above these basic standards though, we then get the standards by which each of us as individuals, choose to live.

So often we just go along with the standards we see advertised around us every day. We get told what the ‘normal’ way of behaving is, within our society, and we adhere to this standard by default and without even putting much thought into what we truly want.

The lie that we want to get rid of is that you, as an individual, need to match up to or conform to any of these standards. The lie that you have to dress a certain way, do certain things in order to have specific outcomes in life.

I’m going to put the case to you that you can set your own standards as opposed to what is sent to you by the media. We’re given a platter from which to choose what it is that we want to do. We can look at the various options we’re presented with in society and take an idea from the way that lady dresses. We can decide that we don’t want to behave the way that guy just did or that the attitude of that child is what we want ours to be. Basically, you get to decide what your experience of your life is going to be – how exciting!

One of the most powerful ways that we can help our lives to look the way that we want them to look, is to pre-decide what our standards and character are. Once we’re involved in the emotion of a moment, we lose the ability to think clearly and can make rash decisions that can have consequences that we’ll deeply regret in the cold light of day. When you can look at all that is on offer in life and make a choice from a base of good, true and proven facts, you stand a much better chance of being successful.

If you have already predetermined your standards and character then you are pre-armed when an emotive situation arises. You have already chosen what it is that you will not do and what it is that you will do. When something happens and a standard of behaviour is required you will have a firm, already established, pre thought out and decided upon standard from which to make your decision, free from the emotion of the moment.

Setting your standards means that you have predetermined the level to which you will do something in your life. The way you will do it, the reputation you want to have for doing a certain way and really it’s a matter of deciding those standards and sets of behaviour before they’re needed. We all need something to be proud of. We all get a tremendous sense of achievement and pride when we look at a piece of work we have done or we think back on a certain way we behaved in a given situation. To be able to say, “I am proud of that piece of work. I feel good about my behaviour” is a wonderful feeling. We can know that we’ve not only set our standards but we’ve met our standards too, and that feels good.

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