Get into your Groove

I don’t know about you but I love the times when I get to look back over the day and I feel good about it, feel like I’ve achieved something and feel happy in my spirit and happy in my mind. When I look back on those days they are ones on which I did what I enjoy the most, what fills me up, what puts a smile on my face what makes me feel useful and special.

There are base desires that are common to all mankind – the need to be loved, to be appreciated, to be acknowledged, to be valued, to be heard and to be blessed. Over and above these base desires we then each have specific desires that are unique to us.

You know, when we live from a place where the authentic desires of our heart are fulfilled, it’s the most amazing way to live. Each one of us has different, unique, specific desires that are ours. We’re all created differently. There are some of us that like fresh vegetables and some of us that don’t. There are some of us that love van Gogh and some of that don’t. There are some for whom looking out on a mountain range is just the most stunning view whilst some of us love to look over the ocean. Some of us get excited by the view from a penthouse in a major city and seeing a skyline that lights up like a thousand fairy lights at night.
Each one of us has these specific desires, specific ways that our hearts are filled up, specific ways that we feel fulfilled and specific things that excite us and spur us on to achieve what it is that we specifically want to achieve.

We innately desire to experience the most we can out of every day. We’re addicted to feeling valued and of value, addicted to having done something that we’re proud of, even getting things that we desire like a new outfit or that car we’ve dreamt of for years. The things and actions we’re addicted to give us the feeling that we desire. They fill up our emotional tank and satisfy our deepest desires.
It’s a fact about human nature that we will pursue the feeling of having our desires satisfied regardless of the consequences, regardless of the damage to our health, regardless of getting into debt that we can’t repay and regardless of who we hurt along the way.

All desire is innately good, it’s the intent of your heart from which it comes and the purpose for which you use it that can be either good or bad.

When we live from that specific place of our desires, that place that is uniquely ours, it’s the most amazing way to live. We get to wake up with the opportunity to be full of hope, expectation and excitement. We get to do what it is that clicks with our heart, that clicks with our purpose and that gets us into our groove.

Some of the indicators that we’re not living in our groove are when we start feeling frustrated, irritated, depressed, despondent, stressed, worried and hopeless. When you’re trying to be like someone else or trying to do what is not yours to do your journey becomes full of bumps, sidetracks and difficulty and that means that your path isn’t smooth. Of course there will be challenging situations presented to you along your way, but they will be in line with your path, not at right angles to it. Learn to recognise the difference between feelings that indicate you’re on the wrong path and those that indicate a blockage on the right path.

Once you’ve determined which set of feelings you’re experiencing, have a long look at them and then decide to change the circumstances. Everything we do comes from a belief we hold in our heart. What we truly believe about ourselves, about an issue or about a circumstance forms the basis of how that thing will manifest in our lives. Pursuing this ideal when it’s not our path to do so will cause tremendous feelings of failure, unhappiness and be at complete right angles to our path. By taking a look at what our heart belief is we can see if it’s in line with, or contrary to, our path and make adjustments accordingly which will get us back on track.

When your heart belief about an issue is back in line with your desires, as opposed to being at right angles to it, you’re back in your groove. Learn to recognise the tremendous gifts that your feelings give you. When you’re not happy, realise that you’re getting a nudge that’s telling you that you’re out of alignment. Stop. Deal with the issue. Get back into alignment.

The main aim of your life is to be in your groove as much as possible, because when you are you get to live life to the full. You get to live out the purpose for which you were created. Every day has the potential to be an amazing day. Every day forms a new thread in the rich tapestry of a masterpiece of a life lived ‘in the groove’.


Lisa van den Berg can show you how to become all that you were created to be. There is a Diamond in You just waiting to shine. Visit today to find out how she can help you to bring out the diamond in you!

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