How much are you really worth?

768784 s 112x150 How much are you really worth?Did you know that speaking in public is one of the top 3 fears in the world?
Top3 – can you believe it? Speaking in Public, Death and Spiders!

In an effort to help myself overcome this fear, I learned a tremendous lesson that caused my butterflies to fly in formation, instead of leading me to embarrassment!

The lesson is what has helped me understand one of the true stanchions of success, and it’s all based on the concept of VALUE.

• The Value of ME
• The Value of YOU
• The Value of YOU to ME and ME to YOU

Too often in society, and especially British society; having a high opinion of yourself is frowned upon. Phrases like ‘Pride comes before a fall’ and “Who does she think she is, arrogant little so and so” are bandied about the moment we try to stick our head above the norms we see around us.

I guess, that as women who would be reading this type of magazine, you’ve tried to stick your head above the crowd a couple of times in your life, and the reactions have, no doubt, been varied.

I want you to look at your right index finger. Stop and do this now. As you look at that fingerprint, realize that there are approximately 6 billion people on the planet.
This FACT means that the fingerprint you’re looking at is ONE in approximately SIXTY BILLION fingerprints!

Oh My Word!

Combine that with your eye colour, your nose shape, the way you laugh and the unique life experiences you have had and you’ll realize that there is NO-ONE on the planet quite like you!

You can look at yourself in the mirror and say,
“I am valuable because there’s NO-ONE, absolutely NO-ONE else like me”

No arrogance, no pomposity, no trumpet blowing…just plain and simple FACT.

So, if that’s true about YOU then it must be true about others too.

What happens is that we get so caught up in our own lives – our dreams, our trials, our day to day that we are absorbed with ‘us’ and have little or no room for ‘them’.

I learned this lesson whilst raising my step daughter. She came to live with us when she was 11 and after 2 years of constant fighting, manipulation and tears, she decided to run away from home.

This single decision became the ‘choice point’ that I was faced with – Lisa, do you let things carry on the way they are or do you do something about it? After one of the most terrible nights of my life, I decided that something had to be done. I found every book I could, I spoke to every parent I knew at Church, I slowly and very painfully at times, allowed my character to be refined. My hurts had to be exposed and healed, I needed to learn to let go of my fears and I wanted to learn how to love.

So, when she came home after a day at school and SLAMMED the door, I learned to look at what she needed in that particular moment, instead of concentrating on what I wanted. Believe me, it wasn’t easy, but I stuck with it and learned that sometimes she just needed a hug and a mug of hot chocolate; sometimes I needed to listen without saying a word and sometimes I needed to celebrate with her.

Looking at things from another person’s perspective, instead of getting stuck in my own, taught me the tremendous value of YOU. Try it today.

When we look at how tremendously valuable ‘ME’ is and take some time to concentrate on how valuable ‘YOU’ are, then we begin to see the bigger picture of how beautifully we can work together to create success for everybody.

I can do things for you that you can’t do for yourself. I can bless you with the value that is in me. Now, instead of feeling belittled or threatened by that, why not embrace it and enable someone to flourish in their gifting; celebrating them along the way?

Similarly, there are things that that you can do for me that would bless me tremendously. It would mean that we no longer had to be ‘Superwomen’ but could now be free to be a community of valuable individuals each adding value to the whole!

I encourage you to learn to value what only you can bring to your family, your work and your community. Similarly, take some time to appreciate and acknowledge the value of those around you too.

By doing this you will see:

• The Value of ME
• The Value of YOU
• The Value of YOU to ME and ME to YOU

…and have TRUE success. You go for it!

Lisa van den Berg can show you how to become all that you were created to be. There is a Diamond in You just waiting to shine. Visit today to find out how she can help you to bring out the diamond in you!

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