The Sky is (not) the Limit!

Windows 126x150 The Sky is (not) the Limit!The possibilities are endless…

There is no apparent limit…

Let me tell you a fascinating story about a flea in a jam jar.

Fleas can jump up to 13 inches, which is approximately 200 times the length of their own bodies.  This is the equivalent of a six-foot man jumping 900ft! One day, a flea was captured and put in a jam  jar onto which the lid was firmly screwed on. Holes were pierced so that the flea could breathe, but he could not escape.

The flea, who can jump 200 times the length of his own body, jumped and jumped and jumped, but kept on meeting the lid of the jam jar, which was very much closer than 200 times his body length. After a couple of hours of this, it was observed that the flea was still jumping, but a funny thing had happened – he was jumping to just below the height of the lid of the jar.

The lid was taken off the jar and the fleas behaviour continued to be monitored and an even funnier thing happened. Even though the lid had been removed from the jar, the flea (who could now very easily have jumped right out), continued to only jump to the height of the lid that had previously been there!

A limit had been imposed and he had learned, by meeting resistance, that trying to jump any higher than the lid was futile. He had adjusted his behaviour to the new jumping height, even though the limit had been removed.

Isn’t that fascinating?

Now, look at your own life and determine what your limiting behaviours are. Where have you tried to ‘jump’ and met resistance, pain and failure no matter how hard you’ve tried? In which areas do you know that you’re talented, but you just haven’t seemed to be able to get anywhere?

Sit down and make a list of your dreams. If there were no financial, social or familial restrictions – what would you LOVE to spend every day doing? What contribution could you make to society that would add value to the lives of those you come in contact with?

Then, write out what you think is stopping you from living this life.  List all the reasons why you are not currently doing what you dream of. There, now you have clarity about the situation.

You now have a list of your dreams and a list of your dream limiters.  Here’s a fundamental Truth that can not only take the lid off your life, but can encourage you to leap straight out of the jam jar -

There are no limits but the ones that you impose on yourself!

Isn’t that the most wonderful truth?!

I’m not going to lie to you – it’s one of life’s journeys actually learning to live that Truth, but just knowing it and the reality of your situation, is an excellent place to start.

So, next time you ‘hit the lid’, remember that the Sky is the Limit – the possibilities are endless! Then you’ll know that you’re on your way to living the life of your dreams!


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