Confident Motherhood – Day 1

What is Self Confidence?

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As I sit and think about this it strikes me that it’s pretty self explanatory – or is it? Confidence in your ‘self’. When I think about it more though, I think that it goes a little deeper than that.

Self confidence is more than what we classically define it as.

If I think of someone that I would consider self confident, what characteristics make me get that impression about them?
Sometimes I think we mistake boasting, arrogance, a competitive spirit and a ‘know it all’ bullying attitude as self confidence, but that’s really just a front for fear.

True self confidence comes in a different form and shows itself in particular ways.

Being self confident means that you’re comfortable in your own skin, or at least on the path to getting there. You have an idea of how valuable YOU are and recognise your unique skills, personality and life experience.

You know that you’re here for a purpose and that purpose matters to the world; realising that you don’t have to blow out someone else’s candle to make yours shine any brighter.

You’re getting to know that you don’t have to be like anyone else in order to be amazingly YOU.

When we can walk down the street and look the passers by straight in the eye with a smile on our face; when we know that we will be OK no matter what comes our way; when we believe in how special we are, then we know that we’re well on our way to being self confident.

When you know these truths down deep inside of yourself, in the pit of your stomach it’s like a strong core that keeps you standing and keeps you going forward. There will definitely be times when you feel like life has beaten you up but that strong core gives you hope that you’ll be able to get back up when you’re over the worst of it.

So, we come back to what we started with, self confidence is exactly that – confidence in your unique ‘self’

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