Confident Motherhood – Day 10

Clothes, Hair & Make-up


Feeling good about ourselves is one of the most fundamental feelings we NEED to have. It helps us to face the world with a degree of confidence in who we are and either boosts or diminishes how we feel we can deal with whatever comes our way.

So whether you are a woman who likes to put in a lot of effort and look like a model or a woman who is comfortable simply washing her face and brushing her hair, there are some fundamentals that we can all use.

Who has ever seen a makeover programme? I’ve watched loads of them over the years and every time I see one I marvel at how the beauty of the person is revealed and highlighted by knowing and applying some knowledge and being willing to try.


Just because you’re a busy Mum doesn’t mean to say that you can neglect the way you look. I’m not talking about taking hours to dolly yourself up, just take a good look at your dress, your hairstyle and your make-up. See if there are little improvements you can implement that don’t need to break the bank or your schedule, but will make the world of difference.

You are not just a Mum, you’re a woman too! It’s important that you do this for your self esteem so that when you look in the mirror, you know you’ve done your best to like what you see.

It’s also important to do this for the sake of the relationship between you and your husband/partner My husband always looks at me and says ‘I love you just the way you are’, but I know that even he appreciates the effort I make to look good.

Lastly, it’s important to do this for your kids. You’ve given your children a tremendous gift when, at any age, they feel good about saying “that’s my Mum”. Before I go to Parents Evening or any place that matters to my daughter, I always ask her if she is OK with what I am wearing, as it is she who will be dealing with the remarks from her peers the following day.

· Have your hair cut into a style that suits you.

· If you’re inclined to wear make-up, have a look at pictures that can help you to do yours in a way that is best for you.

· Dress in a way that suits YOUR figure and taste.

…and enjoy being a beautiful woman!

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