Confident Motherhood – Day 11

Keep Yourself Topped Up!


One of the biggest functions that we, as women, perform is that of nurturer. Do you know that our bodies have been specifically created to look after others?

Men were created to be hunter gatherers; to provide for and protect their families. Women were created to bear young and to nurture the family unit. Both the sexes have specific physical features that enable these functions to flourish. Below are just a few examples.

Men = Hunter & Protector

  • Men have better distance vision and depth perception, and usually better vision in lighted environments.
  • Men are 10-15% larger than women. And 30% physically stronger, especially on the upper body.
  • Men tend to have more of a tendency towards solitude than women.

Women – Birther & Nurturer

  • Women have better peripheral vision, seeing almost a full 270 degrees.
  • Women carry more body fat in order to endure longer at physical tasks.
  • Women are generally more relational than men.

These physical differences are not something to compete against; they are specifically given gifts which enable men and women to function together beautifully.

It’s quite amazing when you look at like that isn’t it? Now we can see that one of the main reasons we’ve been created the way we have, is to be a nurturer. That’s why we seem to be the ones that our family comes to for emotional support. It’s a vitally important role and so we need to make sure that we keep our emotional and physical reserves topped up enough in order to give out what is needed. You can only give out if you have something in store to give.

Make sure that you do whatever it is that you need to do to have enough to give. Whether it’s holing yourself up in your bedroom on a Saturday night with a good book, taking the afternoon to potter around in the garden, relaxing in a warm bath listening to your favourite music or spending time with friends. Whatever it is that ‘fills you up’, make sure that you do it regularly.

You can only give from a full tank, so keep yourself topped up.

· Set aside a regular time when everyone in your household knows it’s ‘your time’ and they are not to disturb you.

· Make that time special (fragrant bath salts, favourite CD, new gardening shears…)

· Realise the importance of the role of everyone in your family.

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