Confident Motherhood – Day 13

Attitude of Gratitude


The first time I heard this phrase was on Oprah. As far as I can remember, the whole show was based on it. The point I recall the most clearly was a lady telling the story of how she used to DETEST housework. Every time she vacuumed the carpet, she complained. Every bed she made, she complained. Every piece of clothing she folded, she complained – you get the picture.

Well, one day she realised how miserable she was making not only her own life, but also her family’s life, so she decided to adopt an ‘Attitude of Gratitude’. Now, when she stands at her kitchen sink doing the dishes, she said that she just thanks God that she has a family that eat off the plates. She says thank you for the cutlery and crockery, the food they ate and the house in which they live where they eat together. She said this attitude has totally revolutionised her life.

I can also attest to this amazing practice. When I find that my mind is spiralling with thoughts of how unfair it is that I’m doing this and that, I consciously shake my head as if I’m shaking off the thoughts. Then I purposely concentrate on what I’m grateful for, even if it’s the breath to speak and the eyes to see what I’m doing. Soon, this then spirals the other way and I’m in a good mood once more and everything is OK.

One of the things I suggest to my coaching clients is to take a few minutes at the end of every day and write down a minimum of 3 things that they are grateful for in that day. It’s amazing how this change of attitude can alter your experience of today!

Sometimes as a busy Mum I really feel that nothing I say to my children gets through.  I try and teach them to be independent, polite little humans.  However, I find myself pulling my hair.  Nothing I say seems to have any influence on them.  My son’s school give parents an opportunity to go in and look at all their books.  This is a prayer that was in my son’s book:  “Dear God we pray for the soldiers who died in Afghanistan and ones who are fighting now. Amen” This brought a tear to my eye.  Even though I may not feel that they are listening and taking in what I say – they really are!  This showed me to be grateful for the gift my children are and to realise that the good moments really do make up for the bad ones!

· List what you’re grateful for, every day.

· Tell those around you that you’re grateful for them and what they do for/say to you.

· Pass it on! Let someone else be ‘infected’ by your enthusiasm that comes from an attitude of gratitude.

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