Confident Motherhood – Day 14

Be Brave!


Admit when you need help and ask for it!

One of the greatest lies we are fed is that we should automatically know what to do with the little bundle the moment it arrives in this world. True, we have natural instincts, but the person who invents a baby language translator will make BIG money!

We ALL need the help of someone else who has ‘been there and done that’ – well.

I could never have gotten through the last 19 years of my daughters life without the help of other women, the wisdom in books and on websites and the love of people around me.

Don’t try to go it alone. There is no shame in admitting that it’s all a little too difficult.

I was at Church the other day and on the way to the loo, I saw a lady standing sobbing in the corner. She was trying so desperately hard to cover up her tears and hoping no-one would see her cry, but her grief was too heavy. I gently went over to her and just wrapped my arms around her (we women can communicate without words). Once she’d stopped crying so heavily I just gently asked her if I could help. She started to tell me what was wrong and it all boiled down to the fact that she just felt that she couldn’t cope with her son and that she thought she was a bad Mum because of it. She was terribly ashamed and thought everyone would look down on her for her ‘failure’.

How awful that she felt this way. How awful that she didn’t feel free to come and confide in another woman.

PLEASE! Be a woman to whom others can come for help, in a safe environment. And PLEASE don’t feel ashamed when you feel overwhelmed. Go and find some help. Babies, children and families don’t come with instructions.

We women are relational creatures and we’re supposed to be in supportive feminine environments where we can help and nurture each other.


· Do the best you can, and then find out some things that can help you even more.

· Have a strong support network (even online if there’s no-one else around).

· Allow yourself to be all the mother you were created to be.

And so…

The honest truth is that we, as women, are often the ones that hold our family together. We are the ones on whom a lot of the relationships and attitudes hinge. We are generally the glue that sticks our family together – and keeps them from getting ’un’stuck.

We have been uniquely gifted, equipped and blessed to be able to put our heart and soul into building healthy, strong and flourishing families. What a privilege!

I want to encourage you as you walk this journey. Find and make strong support networks. Keep yourself topped up so that you can give and receive. Have fun and an attitude of gratitude. Make the effort to create a fabulous life for you and yours, learning along the way. Seek advice from experts and others whom you admire. Treat everyone as the special individual that they are and learn each others Love Language.

There are some excellent resources available on the Internet, your local school or Community Centre and your Church – use them.

And remember…

This is why men shouldn’t Babysit!

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Be blessed you wonderful woman you!

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