Confident Motherhood – Day 2

No such thing as a ‘perfect’ Mum

I, as I’m sure every other Mother on the planet has too, have had days when I think that I must be the worst Mum out there. How come Suzie across the road seems to be able to juggle having 6 kids, works full time and has a sickeningly happy marriage to boot?

One of the saving graces of my life was when I read a book called ‘The Sixty Minute Mother’ by Rob Parsons. I learned that there is no such thing as a ‘perfect Mum’ and that everyone has their ups and downs, no matter what it may look like to the rest of us.

Give yourself a break. Realise that doing your very best is all that is required. If you don’t know how to do something or feel you’re lacking in knowledge in a certain area, go and find someone who does know what they’re doing. And learn from them. Join your local Library and read everything you can find. Sign up to the local Toddler Group and speak to the other Mums and learn from them.

In short, realise that becoming and being a mother can bring up all sorts of issues from your childhood. The best thing you can do as a Mum is take the things you did like and that you think have been beneficial to you and try to improve on the things that you think could have been better.

The last points a real biggie for most of us. Forgive your Mum.

Forgive her for all that she may have done wrong and bless her for whatever she did right. As you now know, it’s a very difficult and challenging job being a Mum and we’re all just doing the best we can. It’s only now that I’m a Mother that I have an insight into what my Mum must have been going through at certain difficult times in my childhood. As a child I didn’t understand the pressures she was facing and the seemingly insurmountable odds that came her way.

Now that I’m an adult and responsible for my own child’s welfare, I have a bit more insight and appreciation for the legacy she left in me and for me.

Let go of blame and bitterness and set her and yourself free. Bless her for what she did right and be determined to leave more ‘right’ for your own children to remember you by.


· Forgive yourself for any mistakes you may have made in the past and resolve to find some help

· Forgive your Mum

· Celebrate the privilege of being able to be someone’s Mum

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