Confident Motherhood – Day 3

You are a Unique and Wonderful Person

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You have been specifically created. You are unique in the world – there is no-one else like you. Think about it. Of the 6 odd billion people on the planet, there is NOBODY that has your fingerprints. Each fingerprint, on each of your fingers, is totally and utterly different to anyone else’s. So, the fingerprint on your baby finger of your right hand looks totally different to 60 billion other fingerprints on the planet! Oh my word!

There is no-one with your unique combination of eye colour, hair colour, facial shape, teeth, nose, forehead, ear shape, body shape, height, weight and proportions. You are completely and utterly one of a kind and that makes you tremendously special to the world.

So, once you’ve taken that all in, know that because you are so unique you also have a unique and wonderful reason for being here.

There is a group of people that only you can reach with your blend of personality. You are the only one your children can truly call ‘Mummy’. There will never again be another person like you – ever.

So, armed with that knowledge, go into today knowing that we need what you have to offer. There is a gap in the world (your home, your community etc) that only you have the unique gifts, talents and experience to fill. You go girl! J


· Ponder the fact that you’re unique and special.

· Start looking out for opportunities to be a blessing, today.

· At the end of the day, sit and remember where you helped someone else today.

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