Confident Motherhood – Day 8

Daily routine, Multitasking & Keeping your energy up

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We all have an innate need to feel that what we’ve done in a given day has been useful. There are times when we can just completely relax, like when we’re on vacation, but at other times the human soul needs to know that it has performed a task of value. It feels good when we know that we’ve contributed to our world.

One of the best ways I find to accomplish this feeling is by setting myself a daily routine.

Of course, a daily routine also helps deal with the multiple tasks a Mum has to fulfil in any given day as well as reassuring the kids that things are in a semblance of order. Knowing what is happening in a day gives our mind a reassurance that we have a handle on at least a major portion of the day.

Build times into your day where you get the most demanding things done when your energy is at its highest level. Similarly, plan in times when you can rest when you’re feeling tired and out of energy. It’s also good to rest before a period of high activity to get yourself prepared for what is coming.

Three of the most important things you can do for yourself are getting as much sleep as possible, drinking plenty of water and cutting down on your refined sugars (Arghhhh… I know).

Just keeping topped up on sleep, water and good food will greatly boost your energy levels and just generally help you feel good. Works really well for the kids too.


· Make a daily ‘To Do’ list with built in rest periods (but also leave space for spontaneity).

· Find ways to drink plenty of water a day.

· Look for ways to help your children go to sleep on time so that you can get the necessary rest too.

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