Confident Motherhood – Day 9

Going Back To Work?


This must be one of the tougher decisions to make once you’ve had children. There are so many points both for and against that it seems to me that it really comes down to each individual set of circumstances and preferences.

Either way, you can continue to be a confident woman in the environment in which you find yourself.

Stay at Home Mum
Being a Mum is, in my opinion, one of the greatest privileges we can have. If you make the decision that you’d like to stay at home then there are certain things you can do to maintain your self-confidence.

Make sure that you continue to keep in contact with other adults. Do this by making regular dates with your friends, joining a group or club that you’ll enjoy being a part of and making and maintaining contact with other Mums and couples. Also endeavour to keep your mind active by engaging in an intellectual pursuit that you enjoy. There are many different ways in which you can continue to learn and grow whilst being at home with your kids.

Going out to Work Mum
If you are either returning to your previous employment or are starting out in a whole new direction, ensure that your skill level is topped up. You can either do this by brushing up on a topic through distance learning or by booking yourself onto ‘in company’ training when you return. This will help you to feel confident of your skill levels after having been gone for Maternity Leave.

Make sure that your child is in capable hands that you trust. This will help you to feel assured when you’re at work, enabling you to perform at your best and enjoy your job.


· Weigh up all the pro’s and con’s of returning to work and make the decision that’s right for you and your family.

· Take measures to keep your confidence levels up, whatever decision you make.

· Ensure that you’re happy with the childcare your children are receiving as this allows your mind to be at rest.

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