Garage Sale Adventure – 16 Nov

Frans and I have started a new tradition that we both love. Every Saturday morning, we go to ‘Garage Sales’!

The process looks a little something like this…


  • I have some things I no longer need/want.
  • I will put all the things outside my house (usually by the Garage) and invite people to come and have a look and buy.
  • I will write ‘Garage/Yard/Estate Sale’ on a luminous pink, green, yellow or purple piece of paper and tape it to the roadside, with more signs leading to my house.

Garage Sale addict:

  • I will leave the house at 7am on a Friday and Saturday morning in order to feed my ‘have to get a bargain’ fix.
  • I will follow the luminous signs as they lead me to treasures unknown!
  • I will relieve the vendor of as much as I can for as little as possible.

So, with great glee, we are up early every Saturday morning, ready to see what treasure awaits.
We start the day by asking God to lead us where He wants us to go. We do no research before we go out but literally just pick a direction and go where we’re lead to go. It’s an adventure all of itself.

Over the months we have:

  • Seen miracle upon miracle.
  • Met, talked to and got to know so many wonderful people. We’ve given words of encouragement, prayed for people, sat and listened to people’s stories, cried with people, commiserated and grieved with people and we’ve also laughed a whole lot!
  • We’ve had the privilege of getting to know so many of the wonderful residents of this beautiful city. Redding is one of the friendliest places we’ve ever been.
  • We’ve furnished our entire apartment with bargains galore – literally saving hundreds of dollars.
  • We’ve helped people to get rid of what they no longer wanted/needed (and Frans’ bargaining skills have vastly improved)
  • We’ve grown closer to each other as we’ve shared our love of adventure.


So… I wanted to share the story of what happened to us today – just to give you a little insight into how wonderfully God works in, and through, all of us on a daily basis.

We started the day by asking God to lead us to where He wanted us to go. We asked for divine encounters. We asked for people to encourage, pray for and give words of knowledge and prophecy to. We thanked Him for the adventures that the day would bring and, in true bargain hunter style, we asked for bargains!

We headed down Hartnell Ave and saw our first sign! With mounting excitement, we drove slowly down the residential street, waiting for the next tell-tale directional arrow, leading us deeper into our adventure. “There it is on the right hand side’, I yelled. We pulled up outside a typical 3 bedroom house and saw two gentlemen in the yard. We got out and said “morning”. The owner of the house was standing next to the other gentleman who was sitting on a small chair. As we approached, the seated gentleman took a swig from a bottle hidden inside a brown paper bag. As we got to him, he looked at us through the most beautiful pair of bloodshot blue eyes I have ever seen. He had obviously come across this yard sale and the owner had invited him in to have a chat. The two of them were just passing time in the early morning sunshine. While we were talking to them about how beautiful the weather is for this time of year, we looked through the assortment of goods on offer. In amongst a whole pile of ‘purses’ (handbags), I found this little gem. Small enough not to be intrusive, big enough to carry what I need, leather and with straps so that I can carry it on my back.

rucksack 350x350 Garage Sale Adventure   16 Nov

I bantered with the 3 men about all that fits into a woman’s handbag and how it’s a necessity to have something of everything in there in order to cover all emergency situations. I handed over two dollar bills and after wishing them a wonderful day, we climbed in the car. As we were driving away we prayed fervently for the gentleman who had been drinking and left him in God’s very capable hands.

The next two stops yielded little, but we are not so easily dissuaded from our adventures.

Next, we came across two brand new sports bags that are just big enough to pack a couple of days clothing in and they were $2 each. Frans snapped them up.

bag 350x350 Garage Sale Adventure   16 Nov


At the next stop, this little beauty put a big smile on my face…

Grandma 350x350 Garage Sale Adventure   16 Nov

Following another sign bearing our favourite words ‘ESTATE SALE’, we came upon the house of an elderly couple that we’ve seen for the past 3 weeks running. She has developed Dementia and they are thus having to move to a Retirement Home. The family have been there week after week, helping the couple to sell whatever they can’t take with them. It’s been lovely getting to know them over the weeks. Grampa who sits on his walker and ‘directs’ operations, must have been a military man because he’s blunt, direct and takes no nonsense from anyone. He looked at Frans one week and said, “you’re really gonna bargain me down on these things?” (with a w.i.t.h.e.r.i.n.g look on his face). When we saw him last week, he looked quite down and we stayed and talked to him and the family a little while looking through the years of accumulated treasures. When we got there today, he had gone out to breakfast because he was getting really sad about having to leave his home.We stayed and talked to the younger members of the family who were all shouldering the bulk of the move so that the old couple could have as peaceful a move as possible. It feels so humbling to have ‘done life’ with this family through this snapshot of their lives.
Today, they blessed us with staples for the stapler we bought from him last week.

Stapler 350x350 Garage Sale Adventure   16 Nov

The next house turned out to be an absolute treasure trove full of goodies. We found…

A pie dish in which I can make ‘Melk Tert’ (a South African dessert), to take with to the friends who have invited us to share Thanksgiving with their family.

PIE 112x150 Garage Sale Adventure   16 Nov






A Sausage making kit, to give to our friends who said they wanted to make Boerewors (South African spiced sausage)

SAUSAGE 150x112 Garage Sale Adventure   16 Nov





A hard, portable hairdressers kit for the first year student who earns money for her tuition by cutting hair in her apartment. She did an amazing job on mine.

Hair 112x150 Garage Sale Adventure   16 Nov






An ottoman for us to put our feet up on when we watch TV. We’ve been using one of the dining room chairs and if you leave your legs on it for too long, you lose all feeling from your knees down!

foot 150x112 Garage Sale Adventure   16 Nov





And a little cabinet for our bedroom, which almost exactly matches the wood that the rest of our bedroom furniture is made of!

Cabinet 150x112 Garage Sale Adventure   16 Nov





And all that for the princely sum of $10 


Our last stop was at a house out in the country. A young man had come to live in his Mom’s house because she’d decided to go and live in Hawaii for her post-retirement years! Now THAT’S the life hey?!

I lost Frans for about 10 minutes as he dove into a box of computer cables, surfacing only for air when he was losing consciousness icon wink Garage Sale Adventure   16 Nov . He got a handful of cables that he needs/wants for the various projects he’s working on for people and was very pleased with himself. As we were walking away, the young man pulled out a portable USB floppy drive. For those of you who have just glazed over, that’s a rather extinct and seldom needed piece of hardware. He asked Frans if he wanted it and he felt led to say that he’d take it.

As we were driving away a young woman text us. Her and her husband have recently had a baby and we’ve been trying to help them set up their PC and TV so that they can watch Bethel TV on the big screen. She told us that she’d been trying to install the software for the hardware we’d found for them, but that she needed a FLOPPY DRIVE because that’s the only way this could be installed. We looked at each other and were literally astounded. We were round the corner from their place so we dropped it off for her to use. God is so amazing. Within a few minutes of texting us about needing a rather difficult to find piece of hardware, we had delivered it to her house!

While we were on the way there, another friend text us asking for our help with his computer. We said that we were out and about, so we’d drop by. Frans fixed the issue within a couple of minutes and so we stayed to talk and have some tea and chat with the other people in the house. The 5 of us sat and talked about the things of God – sharing testimonies and loving on each other. It was lovely.


We love to support local businesses so, on our way home, we stopped at a little diner on the corner and ordered burger, fries and a strawberry milkshake. While we were there we got to encourage a lady who is a Carer who looked after her young lady so beautifully well. I looked into the eyes of the young woman in the motorised chair and told her how beautiful she was. Her whole face lit up as she said ‘thank you’. They both looked so happy.

Bartells Garage Sale Adventure   16 Nov

By the time we got home it was around lunchtime and we unpacked our treasures while remembering all that had happened in just 4 short hours. We got blessed, others got blessed and we blessed God for the adventures we get to go on with Him every day.


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Until the next update – love to you all xxxxx



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