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As an Executive, you are called upon to to be a Leader, a Motivator, a Visionary and a Strategist. These skills are learned along the way as you progress up through the ranks of the companies you work with, and for. Often however, the art of being able to effectively communicate with your team, your clients and your peers is not highlighted as a key skill.

What an oversight! It is a fact that your ability to communicate effectively with others will be responsible for over 80% of your success in business and in life. Thus, your communication skills, deserve your attention.

I am an award winning public speaker and motivator and it would be my pleasure to help you excel in the field of effectively communicating with those around you.

Executive Effective Communication Session

We will look at:

  • Your specific circumstances and where and with whom you need to communicate on a daily basis
  • How to cohese your team and bring their unique skills and attributes to light to create a highly efficient and effective unit
  • Key motivational skills that will convey your passion and vision to your audience, be it around a meeting table or to an auditorium
  • Ways to ‘talk their language’. Knowing how to connect to the person you’re talking to and communicating with them as opposed to talking at them, will dramatically increase your ability to create dynamic relationships.

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A Corporate group training session for up to 10 people is also available – Click here for details.

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