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Whether you’re having a one on one conversation or speaking to an audience, these tips will help you to deliver information that truly communicate your ideas and vision. Participants will walk away with the skills that enable them to think on their feet without turning into a blubbering mess when put on the spot.

I’ll teach them how to construct a piece of communication in a clear and logical sequence and articulate their ideas with clarity and passion. And, possibly most important of all, they will no longer be rendered incapacitated when called upon to speak in public – we’ll make those butterflies fly in formation instead!

This interactive 3 hour workshop takes place during either a morning or afternoon and will give your team the fundamentals and practical tools to become better public speakers. It’s a mixture of theory and hands on practice which will help to banish fear and build confidence.

We’ll look at:

  • The Basics of presenting your ideas to the public
  • Make your thoughts come out right when you open your mouth
  • An interactive exercise where everyone gets to have a go, with a prize for the winner
  • Round up and resources information

The whole workshop is a wonderfully supportive way to help the participants see Public Speaking through fresh eyes, gaining confidence in their ability to speak in a public arena.

To create the best environment for learning up to 10 participants can participate per Workshop. If you have larger numbers, please get in touch for more information on bespoke packages

Morning or Afternoon Workshop: £497

Complete the form below to get in touch and I’ll give you a ring to discuss your particular requirements.

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