Getting up after making a mistake

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In all my years of studying the principles of transformation, this must be one of the lessons that’s talked about the most – how to get up after making a mistake.

There are really only two options once a mistake has been made:

  1. Beat yourself up, stay downtrodden,  listen to the voices that tell you that you’re useless and never try again
  2. Get up, dust off, build yourself up and try again

Sounds easy enough doesn’t it? In reality it may be simple, but it is not easy.

But you know what I have found? I make mistakes all the time. Every day I’ll do something that could have been done better another way or I forget something that I’d planned. It’s human nature, we all make mistakes. I’ve just decided that I’m tired of listening to the voices that try to make me feel useless and I’m making the conscious choice to learn from my mistakes.

So, when I get that familiar feeling of uselessness when I make a mistake, I switch my thoughts over to brushing the feeling away and learning what I need to learn from the mistake, putting in place what will make it better next time, and carrying on with the day.

I do this over and over and over again and every day it gets a little easier to believe that a mistake is just a learning experience, not a character flaw.

So, easy does it. One day at a time. Steadily reinforcing in your mind that you’re not useless  but that you are, in fact, absolutely priceless.

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