What’s Your Life Assignments

lisa3 Whats Your Life Assignments

A toaster has been designed for a specific purpose – to toast bread. Its main function is to heat up and cook the bread that you put in the slot, for a certain length of time and then eject it. That’s what it was created to do.

It’s the same with us. We’ve each been specifically created with talents and giftings that are unique to us and these give us the ability to do what we’ve been created to do.  Just as a toaster wasn’t meant to play a CD, we weren’t meant to do what we’re not gifted to do.

Our hearts are passionate about certain causes and we all have been through unique experiences that have shaped our lives thus far.

All these factors combined give us an indication of the specific roles we are to play in life. They point us to where we will find the most joy and greatest sense of fulfillment. I LOVE doing what I was created to do – teach. It puts a great big smile on my face that comes straight from my heart. It’s the thing I live to do.

I’d love to help you discover what you were created to do, so that you can live a life of joy and fulfillment too. Enjoy browsing the links on this page and click here for more resources on how to answer the question – ‘What am I created to do?’

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