How do I become who I want to be? – Part 2

 How do I become who I want to be?   Part 2

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Say someone cuts me off in traffic and I get so angry that I want to get out and beat them up. They’re making me late and I’ll miss my important meeting, they almost scratched my car and I can’t afford the insurance, it’s hot and I’m already agitated!!!

We have:

  • The issue, which triggers…
  • The fear of consequence, which causes…
  • The emotional reaction 

When the issue is looked at through the lens of emotion and fear of consequence, it appears to be a mountain, when in fact it is but a molehill. So, look at the issue…getting cut off in traffic. When looked at without fear of consequence and emotion, it is merely that the driver of one car maneuvered their vehicle into the path of another car causing the driver of the second car to take a forced action. Plain and simple.

Put the fear of consequence in the mix (late for meeting, increased insurance) then add an emotional reaction which fuels the fire… and soon you have a blazing inferno.

Part 3…

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