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As an award winning and highly experienced public speaker, I am an empowering and lively motivator who engages my audience as I take them along on a journey starting from self revelation and moving on to the hope of self transformation.

I am known for my infectious ability to inspire my audience to believe in themselves. I encourage my listeners to take a good look at their lives and leave behind unproductive and unfulfilling habits and work towards improving and putting empowering new habits in place. Not only does my audience leave enthused to do more with their lives, but I give them solid tools to ‘keep the growing going’.

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I have seen Lisa speak on many occasions and each time she has amazed me with her enthusiasm and ability to inspire the whole audience. She has a great ability to be able to reach all members of the audience and bring them along her journey in a natural relaxed way. I would highly recommend you book Lisa for any event you are planning, that’s if you can find a free date as she is in demand!
Phill Bate, President – Northavon Speakers

Lisa has been responsible for developing our approach as a company to transforming our interaction with Clients and streamlining the way in which we present ourselves and do business. As a Coach her enthusiasm is infectious and she is a great catalyst for any cause that she gets involved with.
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Bringing out the Diamond in You!

‘Bringing out the Diamond in You’ is my keynote speech, and can be tailored the meet the needs of individuals and teams alike. Coaching and Public Speaking have enabled me to take the message of transformation and help individuals and teams apply solid principles to every day situations.

  • For individuals – I show you how exceptionally special you are (even though you may not believe it of yourself). Relying on facts rather than opinions, I prove that each of us is a unique and truly special individual. Once this basis is established, I then give you the tools to get rid of old mindsets that hinder you and gain new ones that will reinforce the truth.
  • For teams – I remind your team of the unique contribution that they bring to their environment and to your company. Each member is on the team for specific reasons – to bring their special mix of talents, experience and personality to enrich and empower the team to prosper. They will be encouraged to look at their unique and valuable contribution and to bring that special ‘something’ that only they have to give.

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