Light gives life!

 Light gives life!I was walking in the park early this morning and the temperature was about minus 3 centigrade overnight. Everything was covered in a sheen of brilliant white where the frost had blanketed it all the night before.

The sky was a breathtakingly beautiful crystal clear blue. The sun was making patchwork patterns on the grass as it shone  through the trees and I noticed that where the shadows remianed, the frosty covering did too. Yet where the sun shone, the frost had melted and green grass was free to enjoy the warmth of the sunshine.

It struck me that this is just like life.

When we keep an issue in the dark shadows, it remains cold, hard and stagnant. When we shine the light on it however, its warmth melts the hardness, the coldness and allows the issue to come out and be healed. Then, with the hard coldness gone, the warmth of the light has not only set you free from the issue, but now allows that previously hurt place to flourish with new vibrant productive life!

Let go of all the places that you’ve kept in the dark and allow the light to shine in and heal.

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