Little clues to determine your personality type

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Every weekday morning I make a packed lunch for my husband to take to work with him. For the past year, I’ve put everything neatly in its own container then carefully packed it all together in a plastic supermarket carrier bag for him. I can imagine that it’s not the nicest thing to walk into a high profile job with a plastic bag holding your lunch, but that seemed to be the best solution at the time (and he’s one of those people who don’t care about anyone else’s perception of him).

Yesterday I went to the grocery store and was having a  browse through the kitchenware, when I saw the PERFECT container for his lunch. It’s a black thermos bag with a zip compartment for a sandwich box and a larger compartment for anything else. I found all the containers I needed for the various components of his lunch and they all fitted in perfectly.

I brought it home, all excited to show him, and he just smiled one of those lovingly indulgent smiles (he doesn’t share my love of organisation).

This morning I got up and made a sandwich, cut up fresh fruit, wrapped his biscuits for coffee, got a packet of crisps, filled the container in which he takes milk for his coffee and found his coffee cup. I  shifted and adjusted everything until it all slotted in just perfectly and as I zipped the last zip closed I had a huge grin on my face, congratulating myself on getting it all in so snugly.

I heard my husband behind me and I turned around to see him smiling at my delight in getting this all sorted out so beautifully. We both burst out laughing at how pleased I was with myself.

It struck me how little things like that show us what we innately love to do. They point us in the direction of what is programmed into our DNA as the core competencies and gifts that we all possess. Looking out for these pointers will help you to do what you’re very good at doing and thus you’ll love to do it.

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