Live life – like a little child


Child 98x150 Live life   like a little childIt strikes me sometimes that the older we get, the more complicated we seem to make life. Wouldn’t it  be grand to be a little child again?

I sat thinking about a few characteristics of a child and I think I’m going to remember to put them into practice in my everyday life. How about you?

Innocent: Expecting the best

Trusting: Being willing to give someone else the benefit of the doubt

Honest: I’m tired, I’m hungry, I’m happy

Friendly: Playing with anyone, regardless of their colour, creed or beliefs

Enthusiastic: Excited about life

Curious: What’s that?

Carefree: Everything will always be OK

Loving: Quick and easy demonstration of affection

Compassionate: Why are you crying?

Adventurous: Ooh, look what I found!

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