Our House…in the middle of our street


217825 s 150x100 Our House...in the middle of our streetRemember the old ‘Madness’ song?

I saw this picture and it got me thinking about the plans I have for the house of my dreams. I’ve drawn the floor plan and have a detailed description of all the rooms, views and locations. I then often meander around the house when I’m visualising where I want my life to go.

I see myself sitting on the balcony overlooking the beautiful blue ocean; I hear the waves crashing against the shore and I smell the lovely salty aroma wafting in on the sea breeze. I imagine myself writing my books at the desk in my office, using the latest technology and systems to just allow the words to flow. My husband is in his workshop inventing yet another life changing gadget whilst my daughter is working in her photographic studio creating breathtaking images that are sought after all over the world.

On a beautiful sunny day like today, that dreaming is even easier than usual. See it, smell it, hear it, taste it and then…live it!

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