Pain = No gain

Let’s turn the old saying ‘No Pain, No Gain’ on its head.

I was doing a stretching exercise where I stand and keep balanced on one leg and clasp the ankle of the opposite leg to stretch my thigh. When learning how to keep my balance I was taught to focus on a point in front of me and concentrate on keeping my focus on that point and not in trying to keep my balance.

As I was getting balanced, I realised that the more I strove or struggled to keep balanced, the more difficult it became. Then I tried just relaxing into it and focussing on the point on the wall ahead of me, without strain, and found it much easier and almost effortless to maintain my balance.

It’s just the same in life. The more we stress and strain to get something done, the more we agonise over things and the more we live under pressure, the harder we’ll have to strive to get things to work out ‘right’.

But, when we keep our eyes focussed on where it is we want to go; focussed on what we want to do then the ways to accomplish what we’re focussing on, come to us quite naturally and effortlessly.

So, determine what you’re going to focus on, then fix your attention on it relaxing into it and reaching your goals will become so much easier and far more enjoyable.

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