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S5002628 e1293902573814 112x150 Play a little...I did something totally out of character today and the results took me completely by surprise.

I decided that it was finally time to defrost our freezer and set about the task with my usual planning and strategy – yes, I do that even when defrosting the freezer icon smile Play a little... !.  I planned how I would go about doing it and which way would be the most time efficient so that I could get on and do the other things I’d planned for the day.

We brought the freezer out of our garage so that the water could drain onto the grass,  I removed all the drawers and trays so that the surfaces were exposed to the warmth of the day and I scraped away any pieces of ice that were already loose. I boiled the kettle and got ready to pour the water into a tray which I’d insert onto one of the shelves, when I suddenly thought “seeing as the freezer is outside, it doesn’t matter how quickly the ice melts and how much water flows out at once”, so I poured the hot water directly onto one of the most ice bound shelves, instead of into the pan.

Now, I don’t usually ‘play’ like that but I felt like a little kid watching an exciting science experiment as I saw the ice literally melt away before my eyes. As I focused the stream of hot water onto the bigger conduits, the ice quickly disappeared leaving the larger chunks of ice that were suspended below them, almost completely loose. I stopped pouring and gripped a big piece of ice, and with just a little encouragement, a whole huge chunk of it fell away!

So, instead of just leaving the weather and the hot water in the tray to melt the ice, I stopped, allowed myself to ‘play’ and be fascinated. I focused my efforts in one place and on one task instead of trying to do lots of things at the same time and, as a result, the job that I was in the process of doing was finished more quickly and more efficiently.

It would have taken far longer for the hot water in the tray to melt the larger chunks of ice but when I focused and stayed pouring the water until the job was done, not only was the ice on the top of the shelf gone, but the ice on the underneath too.

I learned that – focused, persistent action in the right direction, makes life a whole lot easier.

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